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    Negrito is how you say bold (text) in Portuguese. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.
  2. Yes. Restarting explorer.exe fixes the issue, but it's only a matter of time (or randomness) until it comes back. Not a StartIsBack problem?
  3. Some Control Panel items can't be opened when using SiB's search The entry 'Indexing Options' works fine (click and it opens). The entry 'Change how Windows searches' does not work (click and nothing happens). Is this behaviour something that just can't be fixed?
  4. The search part is fine. Example: http://i.imgur.com/TtbrxMj.png Clicking on any of those 5 results doesn't do anything. I have to reinstall SiB, and then it works again. To add to that: When that issue happens, results from 'Settings' no longer show up in SiB search. Restarting explorer.exe usually helps.
  5. Is there any way I can download an older version of SiB? Version 1.1.5 is giving me nothing but problems. Now 90% of search results from the Control Panel don't open when I click on them (like 'screen saver'). I have to keep reinstalling SiB.
  6. I have a weird problem with version 1.1.5. What I observed was that when I opened the start menu (with the new animation), the dwm.exe process gets a larger than normal memory usage (from ~200MB to ~550MB). When that happens, Windows' animations (minimise, restore, maximise, open an application, moving a window, etc) all become very laggy/choppy, which is really annoying. I uninstalled SiB and tested for 2 days. No problem.I installed SiB and the problem manifested itself almost immediately (after opening the start menu).Disabling the taskbar/start menu animations makes the problem go away. I have two monitors, each connected to a different video adapter (AMD video card and Intel iGPU) and the problem only occurs in the primary monitor, don't know if that's relevant. I don't know if you can fix it or not, but I just thought you should know. It looks like no one else is having the same issue.
  7. I've installed version 1.1 and I'm getting explorer/SiB crashes shortly after Windows starts (doing simple, random actions). No errors, SiB/explorer just closes and restarts.
  8. I also had the issue where entries from PC Settings wouldn't show up in search. I got it working but the method used wasn't exactly a fix. I removed all the libraries (Music, Pictures, Videos and Downloads) from the indexing list and then I rebuilt the search index, just in case (My search index file was almost 1 GB in size!) That did the trick. Maybe the files from the libraries were getting prioritized over the PC Settings entries, I don't know. --- I decided to experiment a bit, so I added back the Pictures, Videos and Downloads folders (but not Music, too many files) and waited until the index updated. So far so good. Nope. When I turned on the computer today the problem came back. I had to remove the libraries and reboot.
  9. Anyone else has this problem with the Settings icon with StartIsBack++? EDIT: SageThumbs was causing the issue. It's OK now.
  10. What update? It hasn't been updated in over a month.
  11. Is there a way that I can download the previous version (1.1.5) of O.N.E.? After I installed, I encountered this bug: http://i.imgur.com/DmXtPTs.png The 'Downloads' folder will appear under 'This PC' for no reason. I can't give exact steps to reproduce it yet. See steps to reproduce it, below. (As you probably know, by default Windows shows all libraries + 'Downloads' + 'Desktop' under 'This PC') Exact steps to reproduce it: Open Windows Explorer / This PC;Click on the 'Downloads' folder on the right, under 'Libraries'; (<--- has to be the 'Downloads' library, if you open the downloads folder directly the bug doesn't occur)Perform a file operation there (create, delete, rename, move or copy any file) Strange, I had re-installed it a few times to see if it fixed the bug to no avail. Now it seems it fixed itself?!
  12. I too, can confirm that it fixed the issue. I can now search items in the Control Panel
  13. What the?! SiB doesn't display Control Panel items in my search results. How do I enable that?
  14. I have the same problem as gsilvap. Even typing 'windows update' will not show it in the search results. If I click on 'See more results' it displays a list of files with the words 'windows' or 'update' in them but not Windows Update itself.
  15. Hey Tihiy, I know you're probably busy with SiB, and likely other stuff, but I just wanted to know if you're still working on OldNewExplorer, or are planning to update it somewhere down the line. Thank you.
  16. I have no problem on my end. Have you tried with a different browser?
  17. This is her: http://niecewaidhofer.deviantart.com/
  18. You mean when you open the start menu and it only displays half or so of the programs and there is a delay to show the full list? If so, I that happens to me constantly.

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