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Some features that would be cool to see in the GUI tool are: an option to enable blur on taskbar (instead of making the cmd file and vbs file on startup), option to install unsigned themes dlls, fix the ability to set custom glass colors (in win10 10586 you can't set custom colors in the gui tool, only in legacy personalization colors settings), and the option to match title bar colors to the taskbar (currently this has to be done in legacy colors settings by lowering brightness.) And also, if possible, a way to change the glass colors of start, action center, etc. so that everything matches. Stray observation: when setting a custom color with aerogui tool, the one-pixel barrier and taskbar do change to the custom color, but the title bars, start, action center, etc. don't.

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I request that BigMuscle fix the links on his page here 

Then maybe we won't get so many first timers that don't read your home page.



I see it's all been fixed and working well. We shall see if it helps.

Thanks for fixing them so quickly.


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I think we're lucky if we get fixes for existing issues. It's so close to perfect. This auto-update idea reminded me of another possibility, would it be possible for DWMGlass.dll to clean-up after itself on unload? That'd be neat. It crashes if you unload the DLL. I wonder why in recent Windows versions Unload option in Process Hacker works for dwm.exe while in regular processes it throws "Unable to find the module to unload."

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- Will be nice an option to make text on titlebar aligh on center etc. if possible like in old builds

- Is there a way to hidden the white vertical line on the right bottom corner of systray ? It's pretty ugly with glass themes.

- An option to disable the existence of debug.log in c:\

- the options of old explorer + the colouring\trasparence of the systray like do classic shell etc.


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another thing
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not a feature reguest on the app exactly, but it would be nice to be able to give those aero glass keys custom names.

now there is only that generation date and also those "cxfvgdmwetpgofubnphojnvrliogh4wä" donation keys.

with my case it is easier to tell them apart, because i have only used 2 of my available keys. but lets just say that if someone has 3 computers and also has donated more money and generated fef extra keys for his/her friends too.

then say friend number 3 does full wipe and needs that key again. then if you don't remember what was the key that this friend had, you need to generate new one or something.

however it would be easier if user could give those keys a new name, so example there would be "Jerry's key" or "Lisa's key" instead just those "2014.02.07-djhfsdklöghsägfpoujSDGÖLSEögpj" lines.


yes you can always just generate that key again, and it would end up being the same that is on your page. but with those own names it would make thinks just that more easier.

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5 hours ago, atomi said:

not a feature reguest on the app exactly, but it would be nice to be able to give those aero glass keys custom names.

Or you could just keep notes, if only you had a computer on which to store a file...  ;-)


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On 14.8.2017 at 7:54 PM, mikedigitize said:

Are U reselling those extra keys - is that what U saying?

no just giving out example how one might use his extra keys that he has laying around.

i would never be re-selling these keys because i respect bigmuscle and his work.

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