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  1. I am unable to launch the settings modern application from the start menu. I am able to launch it from the notification pane but nowhere else. Typing into the start menu also will not allow it to be launched including trying to open any sub-options that display in the results. This all started after a Windows Update I suppose, not 100% sure. I was missing the icon from the taskbar where it was pinned but I was also unable to find most of the modern apps in the Start Menu including Edge. I was able to restore those but then lost the ability to launch settings. Is there a way to get this back? I am downloading the Win10 Creators ISO now to attempt a repair.
  2. How do you get the smaller title bars Noel?
  3. Auto update when new versions of glass come out?
  4. Okay, did that now the dwm.exe process window wont go away.
  5. Okay, how do you install the experimental DWM dll?
  6. Dark/Light theme not working well here, build 14393
  7. That helped a little bit but there is still a color difference that I can see in the same location. I am unable to completely blend the window border with the title bar. I believe the issue is with Noel's theme atlas, as the default glass settings with no custom atlas don't have a window frame. Just the transparent title bar.
  8. Hm, that one doesn't have the shorter style buttons in the above screenshot. Also, how do you clean up that window frame transition to the title bar? It's very distinct and annoys me.
  9. I installed this with the reg settings and it wont load the proper glass title bar for modern windows.
  10. Noel/bm, I am seeing this when using the roundednocolors theme atlas. Edit, I set the glass geometry radius to 20 and it took that corner and made it much rounder but it's not as clean still as in Noel's screenshots in the release thread. Edit 2, I am seeing this on the modern windows:
  11. Noel, can you repost the most current theme atlas that works?
  12. Through no interaction of my own, I booted up my VM of Win 10 and it downloaded symbols and started working on it's own today. Made no changes since my last post.
  13. I tried this, did not work. Nothing happened after I ran the XML script you provided.

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