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How to avoid being "upgraded to Win 10" against your will:


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On 3/12/2017 at 11:03 AM, greenhillmaniac said:

There is a problem with this... Once the Windows 7 giant falls, we will fall with it.

AMD already discontinued 32 bit Windows 8.1 support, stating the user count was too low to invest in such an effort.

I fear for the future.

The way I see it @greenhillmaniac is that I'll be OK-ish until October 2023 (unlike you, I'm not a gamer, so I'm less affected).  After which, I either move to a Linux distro, or else I bail on PCs being my daily driver.  Maybe I can use a tablet full-time by then.

Perhaps after 2023, I'll setup an older workstation with XP x64 Edition, use it offline and do all of my audio recording and editing on it.


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I wonder if MS will restart the free (and perhaps automatic) "upgrade" to Windows 10 "offer" for Windows 7 users when it approaches EOS?
If that extends to Windows 8.1 as well, I'll have to be on my guard again on my netbook, as any update to Windows 10 will hose it as there are no compatible graphics drivers for it!

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If I understand correctly, the mechanism to do the upgrade is still in place, so I wouldn't be surprised if another free upgrade period opened up with Windows Update. In fact, it seems quite odd but Windows 10 downloaded by anyone from the media creator tool site can still do a free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. And it is even possible to install that Windows 10 on a blank disk using a Windows 7 or 8.1 product key. All things that do not make normal sense, but I imagine they are making quite a bit of money off of the "analytics" and advertising and/or app store stuff to offset giving away a free OS.

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I got a free "upgrade" from Windows 8.1 after the original offer ended before I decided to bite the bullet, by saying I needed Windows 10 for its accessibility features.
That was a limited time offer supposedly though, so whether you can still do that I don't know.
There was certainly no check on whether you genuinely needed it for that reason or not!

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Again following Woody, didn't we miss a telemetry in here (or at least, I did)?



[edit]  PK points out in the comments:  Windows 7 Security Monthly Quality Rollups have had the KB2952664 functionality (Compatibility Appraiser) included since Sept. 2018. Rollups are cumulative. KB4519976 is a Rollup

My follow up comment:  I guess one can always go in and ensure you disable the tasks that turn on telemetry?



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