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KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.25)


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> Posted Friday at 02:29 AM
> No result (fails on same LoadLibraryExW).
> (New log in attach)

I was able to match your latest log with one of mine, and indeed they differ at your LoadLibraryExW failure. Mine is able to load Wintrust.dll and continues to launch. I have Wintrust.dll 5.131.1880.14 on my system and it works regardless of the mode. If your version is different, disabling KernelEx on it should fix this problem. What version do you have?

> +disabling Kex on unicows.dll cause a problem: no visible cursor line on Opera 10+
Opera <11 doesn't need KernelEx except on GStreamer.dll. Disable it on Opera.exe.

Enabling KernelEx on Unicows causes endless recursion on many functions in most modes, leading to a stack overflow that crashes many apps. The official stance is that KernelEx must be disabled on Unicows.dll.

Unfortunately, Unicows links to some functions that have been fixed or updated by KernelEx and doesn't benefit from those updates when KernelEx is disabled. I'm working on this problem now (by adding code to KernelEx to reduce its usage of Unicows). For now try setting the mode on Unicows to 98se if you really must enable it.

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WINTRUST.DLL v5.131.1880.14 (russian)
CRC32: 7E578012

+ Thanks, but I'm preferably want run normally Opera 11.52 and 12.02.
thanks about elucidation why need to disable. Now be remember it when solving strange problems.

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++disabling Kex on Msvcrt.dll cause ffmpeg v1.2 not work properly (fails with last string out.avi: Bad file descriptor)
more about ffmpeg:
ffmpeg version 1.2 Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers
built on Apr 1 2013 20:31:13 with gcc 4.7.0 (GCC)
CRC32: A50EE124
(this is some not standard, 98 compatible compilation)
I need it because it understand DASH (youtube encoded stream container))->takes possible work ClibGrab v3.4.9 and download youtube 1A format encoded videos.

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What version of Msvcrt.dll?
What api's is it calling when kex is enabled? (KexApiLog/DebugWindow.exe filters: Include="MSVCRT" Exclude="")
Results with other comp. modes?

Debugging tip: Enable "Use API Hook" on just the DLL of interest (Msvcrt.dll) instead of the whole app (ffmpeg.exe), but don't forget to disable it when done!
Thanks for the reports and debugging. :)

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So far, I have not encountered any issues with this Beta - in fact, it looks like as if my system with SeaMonkey and many open tabs is somewhat 'faster' than before. Cool !!
Unfortunately no progress on the other fronts like SeaMonkey higher than 2.6.1., K-Meleon, Notepad higher than 7.3.2., etc.

Thanks for all the hard work !!!

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Hello jumper, the definition of GetAdaptersAddresses in Kexbases doesn't work for µTorrent (2.0.4).
My OS is WinME. We discussed the problem 2012/13 in the Kext topic. 98SE wasn't affected.
It occurred to me on start of programs to test kexbeta17. It works, if I override GetAdapterAdresses of Kexbases.:)


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