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KernelEx 2022 (Kex22) Test Versions (


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Hi, after some longer time I tried to update KernelEx 4.5.2015.3 by Drugwash with latest version 4.5.2016.16 from here (1st post) and found that some apps, e.g. TCPview 2.54 stopped working - now showing MSVCRT error. I isolated that this issue happen after KEXBASES.DLL file was updated so I keep older version and it seems to work without problems. Did I missed something else that needs to be updated from other package than files in KernelEx2016.16.7z archive?


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Between 2015.3 and 2016.16 some of the core architecture in kernelex.dll has changed. It's nice to hear that kexbases.3 still works with kernelex.16, but in some ways functionality will be less than 4.5.2 final as some extensions have been moved back and forth between kexbases.dll and kexbasen.dll.

I found TCPView 2.54 and it works with no problems with kexbases.17. It should also work with *.16. Use a process viewer that reports loaded module usage to check against my test run:

Name           Base       Size        Version          Description                                      Company                               Full Path                                   
TCPVIEW.EXE    00400000   212,992     2.54             TCP/UDP endpoint viewer                          Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com   J:\DOWNLOADS\TCPVIEW2009\TCPVIEW.EXE        
KERNELEX.DLL   BFA00000   233,472     4.05.2016.17     KernelEx Core                                    Xeno86                                C:\WINDOWS\KERNELEX\KERNELEX.DLL            
KEXBASEN.DLL   7D000000   131,072     4.05.2016.17     KernelEx Base Non-shared Api Library             Xeno86                                C:\WINDOWS\KERNELEX\KEXBASEN.DLL            
KEXBASES.DLL   BFA40000   282,624     4.05.2016.17     KernelEx Base Shared Api Library                 Xeno86                                C:\WINDOWS\KERNELEX\KEXBASES.DLL            
ADVAPI32.DLL   BFE80000   65,536      4.80.1675        Win32 ADVAPI32 core component                    Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ADVAPI32.DLL              
COMCTL32.DLL   BFB70000   581,632     5.81             Common Controls Library                          Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\COMCTL32.DLL              
COMDLG32.DLL   7FE10000   184,320     4.72.3510.2300   Common Dialogs DLL                               Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\COMDLG32.DLL              
DHCPCSVC.DLL   7DD90000   28,672                                                                                                              C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DHCPCSVC.DLL              
GDI32.DLL      BFF20000   155,648     4.10.2227        Win32 GDI core component                         Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\GDI32.DLL                 
ICMP.DLL       7CE10000   24,576      5.00.1454.1      ICMP DLL                                         Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ICMP.DLL                  
IPCFGDLL.DLL   7C900000   28,672      5.00.1717.2      Ipconfig API DLL                                 Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IPCFGDLL.DLL              
IPHLPAPI.DLL   7C8E0000   32,768      5.00.1717.2      IP Helper API                                    Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IPHLPAPI.DLL              
KERNEL32.DLL   BFF70000   471,040     4.10.2222        Win32 Kernel core component                      Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KERNEL32.DLL              
MSAFD.DLL      7B410000   45,056      4.10.1998        Microsoft Windows Sockets 2.0 Service Provider   Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSAFD.DLL                 
MSVCR70.DLL    7C000000   344,064     7.00.9981.0      Microsoft® C Runtime Library                     Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSVCR70.DLL   
MSWSOCK.DLL    794D0000   86,016      4.10.2222        Microsoft WinSock Extension APIs                 Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSWSOCK.DLL               
OLE32.DLL      7FF20000   790,528     4.71.2900        Microsoft OLE for Windows and Windows NT         Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\OLE32.DLL                 
RICHED32.DLL   7F9D0000   184,320     4.00.834.839     Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control                Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\RICHED32.DLL              
RNR20.DLL      783C0000   61,440      4.10.2222        Windows Socket2 NameSpace DLL                    Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\RNR20.DLL                 
RPCRT4.DLL     7FB90000   335,872     4.71.2900        Remote Procedure Call DLL                        Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\RPCRT4.DLL                
SHELL32.DLL    7FCB0000   1,400,832   4.72.3612.1700   Windows Shell Common Dll                         Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SHELL32.DLL               
SHLWAPI.DLL    70BD0000   278,528     5.00.2614.3500   Shell Light-weight Utility Library               Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SHLWAPI.DLL               
USER32.DLL     BFC00000   69,632      4.10.2233        Win32 USER32 core component                      Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER32.DLL                
VERSION.DLL    BFE70000   24,576      4.10.1998        Win32 VERSION core component                     Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VERSION.DLL               
WININET.DLL    76280000   458,752     5.00.2614.3500   Internet Extensions for Win32                    Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WININET.DLL               
WS2_32.DLL     76000000   73,728      4.10.2222        Windows Socket 2.0 32-Bit DLL                    Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WS2_32.DLL                
WS2HELP.DLL    75FE0000   24,576      4.10.1998        Windows Socket 2.0 Helper for Windows 98         Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WS2HELP.DLL               
WSOCK32.DLL    75FA0000   40,960      4.10.1998        BSD Socket API for Windows                       Microsoft Corporation                 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WSOCK32.DLL               

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On Freitag, 17. Februar 2017 at 2:00 AM, jumper said:

It turns out the version of SetDllDirectoryA/W in the master branch was only a rough start by Xeno86 to a partial implementation.

Hi Jumper, after adding the dll's from the latest ReactOS (.5) it looks like as if there is now some progress possible with SeaMonkey higher than 2.09.1 !! Before that the exe just crashed but now it asks for SetDllDirectoryW.
Is there maybe a new version coming soon ??  Thanks for all your hard work.

Update: I had forgotten that I had deactivated SetDllDirectoryW in that test system. After activating&reboot the seamonkey.exe now stops and mentiones GetProcessIoCounters which is present in kexbases.

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@MiKl: What SeaMonkey version did you test? Try SM 2.32 (Gecko 29) or KM 74_31 (Gecko 31).

@Dibya: ReactOS is an NT clone. Win9x lacks the NT core, so most of ReactOS will not port as-is. The easy stuff was ported years ago. If ReactOS itself could run "pretty much everything" we would all be using it instead of Windows.

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On Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017 at 9:24 AM, jumper said:

@MiKl: What SeaMonkey version did you test? Try SM 2.32 (Gecko 29) or KM 74_31 (Gecko 31).

Tested with SM 2.10.1, 2.14.1, 2.32.1.  KM 74_31 'fails to initialiize'.

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KM 74_31 from https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmeleon/files/k-meleon-dev/K-Meleon74_31.7z/download
At PIII 512mbRAM < Win98IF14 + kEx16 - same as MiKl - 'fails to initialize'
run log from DebugWindow.exe:
!edited, previous log consider as inaccurate
retry without bells and whistles on freshly rebooted OS and got this: (on attached file)


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Here is result:
Kmeleon stops with same message.
In log I see that now it fails to LoadLibraryExW(bfa4fb6a), but what is bfa4fb6a I can't understand.
Log + process dump & PDB dump from ATM (https://www.upload.ee/files/7089282/kmeleon74fail1.7z.html) <!--Uplad.ee file remove link: (www.upload.ee/files/7089282/kmeleon74fail1.7z.html?killcode=74631863563381036523) --!>


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Use compatibility mode= WinXP on K-meleon.exe and disable KernelEx on Msvcrt.dll.

> In log I see that now it fails to LoadLibraryExW(bfa4fb6a), but what is bfa4fb6a I can't understand.
bfa4fb6a is the memory address of LoadLibraryExW in the loaded image of Kexbases.dll.

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  • jumper changed the title to KernelEx 2022 (Kex22) Test Versions (

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