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  1. In last kEx IDA v6.8 (decompiler) fails to start with error: QTGUI4.DLL can't find GDI32.DLL:GetCharABCWidthsI I'm go buck to previous version (without this bug)
  2. "I created a Greasemonkey script which should hopefully get YouTube working again" Hmm. Any manual how to download youtube videos? (by hands, notepad, calc of course)
  3. Opera 11.10, Opera 9.67, the problem present. Forum is readable if turn off css, but this bad decision. technoid, +1
  4. There is a full functional CopyFileEx() realization. I'm offer it to KernelEx What we know about: In WindowsNT: dwCopyFlags: COPY_FILE_ALLOW_DECRYPTED_DESTINATION Ч suppose it works COPY_FILE_FAIL_IF_EXISTS Ч Work as described in MSDN COPY_FILE_RESTARTABLE Ч looks like ignored, at least in WinXP+ COPY_FILE_OPEN_SOURCE_FOR_WRITE Ч declared, but no any description. All other Ц work as MSDN described, if has any audible description. Win9x Ц basically not supported, added from MSLU. Practic and Kex: Works as CopyFile(), no callbacks, no stops, no extras. Linux Works as CopyFile(), no callbacks, no stops, no extras. ================================================================ What I offer: dwCopyFlags: COPY_FILE_ALLOW_DECRYPTED_DESTINATION - ignored COPY_FILE_OPEN_SOURCE_FOR_WRITE - ignored COPY_FILE_RESTARTABLE Ч trying to resume copy. NOT TEST is resumed part of file is a part of original file. In some cases might return immediately, but with no errors (feign as Windows). 0x10 = creates chains of folders, if it not. 0x20 = don't call lpProgressRoutine function, even if it given. 0x8000 = adds to lpProgressRoutine callback extra УtElapsФ parameter, with time, elapsed from previous call of lpProgressRoutine. In callback StreamSize, StreamBytesTransferred, dwStreamNumber, dwCallbackReason no guarantee that identical to Windows, but on copy local files Ц same. But remember, setting 0x8000 flag to dwCopyFlags also turn off precise emulation and dwStreamNumber, dwCallbackReason be always 0. technical limitations: Not analyze/works as if source and destination files lays in same media. NO speed bust when copying between different medias. Not work witch vcache, no speed bust if recently same file accessing in same location. i.e. on the whole it slower as MS original. Probably has a problem with UNC paths greater then MAX_PATH, i'm not test this. Function realized in CopyFileEx.cpp, also you need CreateDirectoriesA/W from filewin.cpp (dir chains creater) Yes, comments on russian. Any propositions and remarks? Download: https://www.upload.ee/files/7937215/copyfileex2.zip.html
  5. ++disabling Kex on Msvcrt.dll cause ffmpeg v1.2 not work properly (fails with last string out.avi: Bad file descriptor) more about ffmpeg: ffmpeg version 1.2 Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers built on Apr 1 2013 20:31:13 with gcc 4.7.0 (GCC) CRC32: A50EE124 (this is some not standard, 98 compatible compilation) I need it because it understand DASH (youtube encoded stream container))->takes possible work ClibGrab v3.4.9 and download youtube 1A format encoded videos.
  6. WINTRUST.DLL v5.131.1880.14 (russian) CRC32: 7E578012 + Thanks, but I'm preferably want run normally Opera 11.52 and 12.02. thanks about elucidation why need to disable. Now be remember it when solving strange problems.
  7. No result (fails on same LoadLibraryExW). (New log in attach) +disabling Kex on unicows.dll cause a problem: no visible cursor line on Opera 10+ K-Meleon74.0-log1.zip
  8. Ok. Here is result: Kmeleon stops with same message. In log I see that now it fails to LoadLibraryExW(bfa4fb6a), but what is bfa4fb6a I can't understand. Log + process dump & PDB dump from ATM (https://www.upload.ee/files/7089282/kmeleon74fail1.7z.html) <!--Uplad.ee file remove link: (www.upload.ee/files/7089282/kmeleon74fail1.7z.html?killcode=74631863563381036523) --!>
  9. KM 74_31 from https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmeleon/files/k-meleon-dev/K-Meleon74_31.7z/download At PIII 512mbRAM < Win98IF14 + kEx16 - same as MiKl - 'fails to initialize' run log from DebugWindow.exe: !edited, previous log consider as inaccurate retry without bells and whistles on freshly rebooted OS and got this: (on attached file) mozlog1.zip
  10. Are really Opera 12.18 on Win 9x? Now it writes: "failed to load opera.dll..." I'm try & found that not uxtheme.dll, but founds Wine port for 2k/9x here: https://kzar.co.uk/blog/2010/10/06/fixing-spotify-uxtheme.dll-error-on-windows-2000/ Also depends + ktree9 shows that no some functions.
  11. OK. I'm unUPX bittorrent.exe and it now works at v16, + edit PE OS bits and it no more need KernelEx. Thanks to jumper! But why this problem with UPX? It's not good because some programs can't be unUPXed behind unknown UPX algorithms. ====up==== What about any core.ini file format info?
  12. +++BitTorrent v6.4 dumps, made on Connectix Virtual PC in clear Win98IF14 https://www.upload.ee/files/6673333/BitTorrent.zip.html
  13. Now BitTorrent v6.4 build18095 not working. Crashes on startup with memory access error in bittorrent.exe and I found no way to fix this (also if delete bittorrent settings I have installations pages and crash after it, and new settings files NOT created). +Have some problems with TotalCommander 8.01 - Not working context menu, unless it switched to "disable kex extensions" Now I go back to v15.
  14. here KernelEX as INF package for Win98IF: http://bust.narod.ru/98if/r_kernelex.zip (always last INF version) For SE or SP3 need some cosmetic INF script corrects, because uninstall link in SystemComponets window placed in category, that no in SE and probably SP3. (see [KERNELEX] group)IFko says that uninstall link may placed to root if no category For place-in to SE, SP3 distributives you also may need rename INF file (see if_progJ.inf keyword in INF file) </p><hr /> @MIKL: "Copy and Paste broken" I have only standard "problem": if you copy unicode text from program, that no fills ANSI variant to buffer, to program, that not know and not support unicode - you have no paste or paste incorrect. <hr /> Are some instructions about syntax core.ini? How to install, make KernelEx plugin? Very thanks Jumper & Xeno86

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