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StartIsBack++ 2.999 experimental



- Medium and Large icon sizes for MFU and All programs list

- Sorting All Programs items and folders together (?)

- Custom scrollbar for All Programs

- Colorized default start button

- Disabled StartIsBack menu in tablet mode


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On 8/13/2020 at 8:47 AM, Tihiy said:

To start, awesome product and thank you... I downloaded from the link above for 2999 Experimental and it looks to have 2.9.3 stamped at the bottom. Once installed, it goes out for updates and wants to update to 2.9.5


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On 8/13/2020 at 3:47 PM, Tihiy said:


I was trying to download the latest beta version of StartIsBack but the link does not work for me. In the screenshot it says "This file could not be downloaded safely."

Could you please fix the download?


Thank you and best regards,



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Hello. I just noticed that StartIsBack++'s Taskbar msstyles don't support the white boxes/keyboard visual indicators that appear when one presses Win+T. The stock/default Windows 10 taskbar has these. Can SIB++ Taskbar msstyles add it in next release, please?  :)



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making a listing here because Tihiy didn't make one yet, happy to delete

StartIsBack(TBD) Preview 1


Patch notes are in the above link, here are the warnings:


Do not roll back to Windows 10 and do not install StartIsBack++!

May not like other tweaks and shell apps. Please remove.

May not be activated. Will work until November 2021.

Not translated and not translation ready.

Not for Dev channel flighting.

Not working: app uninstalling, orb management.


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