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  1. With the new SAB Beta is all perfect for me.
  2. I have mixed Start 11 with StartAllBack, the result can you see here https://www.drwindows.de/xf/threads/umstieg-auf-windows-11.178549/page-6#post-1924582 Thread 119 I can not insert a picture here the size is only 17,43 Kb
  3. I have mixed Start 11 with StartAllBack, the rsult can you see here. Diskussion - Umstieg auf Windows 11 | Seite 6 | Dr. Windows (drwindows.de) Thread 119 My Picture is to Big for here, only 17,43 kb
  4. Now i have found the Mistake, exploer.exe kills when i use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and StartAllBack 3.0.5.
  5. Version 3.05 Kills explorer.exe, please fix it.
  6. Version 3 is 60 % rusky and 40 % german language , please fix it.
  7. Now i have found it in StartAllback settings - Startmenu.
  8. How can i use the Windows 11 Startmenu in StartAllBack?
  9. No, this is due to StartAllBack and not OldNewExplorer
  10. I have old Explorer optik, but not with StartAllBack.
  11. Ich benutze StartisBack Version 2.9.5, Sie werden wissen warum, schauen Sie sich das Bild an. WinX menu
  12. I use Version 2.9.5 and i can see my Avatar, I have Windows 10 21H1.
  13. My Os is Windows 10 21H1, the glass effect is with Stardock Cutains.

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