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5 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

The Update button in the App.

I got notification  about update then it downloads but it sits waiting on installation


EDIT: Reboot and same thing, no way to install it and do not even see where it goes to.

Can you show a screenshot / screen recording? It's supposed to launch %TEMP%\StartIsBack_update.exe

What is your Windows version?

Are you sure installer is not under some window?

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5 minutes ago, Tihiy said:

Entirely nothing? What will happen if you launch UpdateCheck.exe manually?

Yea nothing, it doesn't even downloads the update. But i figure it out why, mostly, my main win10 is slimmed down with ntlite (everything i don't need is out including that notification panel, i use the old notification with balloon types). So i did a new win 10 installation in virtual box without slimming down win 10 and there it downloads and lets me install the update.

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Since beta 2, I had the notification to download the RC2, but in the systray popop, the 2 buttons were empty (nothing written)

When I click on Check Now (RC2) I have the popup which indicates that SIB is up to date (I think) but when I click on the icon "gear wheel", the options are grayed out
Maybe because I disabled the Notification Center (in the systray)


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Did not need to do anything it installed fine and this time it appeared at bottom of Notification are as well as top (if you understand what I mean).


EDIT, the one at bottom was a flyout, it was on top of the notification are, I just tested again with notification area closed and it is on desktop so all ok.

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20H1 / 19041.1 Clean Install for VM.
OS settings do not change after installation.

Install Beta2 and click update
"Not updated" is displayed in the notification area.
It looks like you haven't been able to get RC updates.

I want to use either a general update method or a direct link.

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