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The upcoming new tool for Win 7/8/+ : My suggested name: nLiteX


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Nuhi suggested that any further discussion of the new tool should take place here on the vLite forums, for now, so here goes.


I have a suggestion for the name of the new tool.


nLite was such a success, I think the new tool should retain the nLite name in some form.


My suggestion is nLiteX, pronounced En Light Ex. It keeps the familiarity with nLite, avoids the problem of adding 7, 8, or numbers beyond that to the name. It also implies a new, expanded nLite with new capabilities, and ensures that the tool won't need to be renamed for future versions of Windows.


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Ultimist, yes, I agree about the general nLite notion.

I also had an idea of 'nLite SE' (second edition, or seven-eight), maybe even someone told it to me.

But the problem is that 9 will eventually be out and probably supported, so SE gimmick of having dual meaning would be out and all we would be left is Second Edition, which is kinda too literal and may indicate XP support, which it won't have.
Then nLite Pro... but what about Free license, maybe nLite 2... that gets confusing as XP is not supported.

X is not bad, just it reminds me of the word Ex - like past something. Didn't bother me in DirectX.

Also it indicates X - like all versions, again people might expect XP, but I can live with that.

X is winning so far - also would be ready for Windows X.

Maybe we should go MS route and name it nLite One :)


aviv00, I would like to avoid tying it to the Windows number because that may change and I don't want to change the name of the tool each year.

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OT :ph34r:, but what about actually releasing it as "temporarily nameless nuhi's tool (Alpha/Beta)" ;) and then ONCE it will be released, and having had a minimum of feedack/reports of successes from the Alpha and Beta testers discuss on the name to give to it, which icon to use for it (and of course make a poll on which colours to use for the icon :whistle:)

Just for the record I would prefer shades of blue and green....



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hessam, Kelsenellenelvian, not bad. Only thing is it doesn't have "nLite" in it. I may give up on that idea, so we'll see.
One of mine was nLiteOS, like the website. Only problem with it is that for example ReactOS is the real OS, not just something that edits the OS.


So if many of you thinks nLiteOS would be ok, I'm up for it.

dencorso, jaclaz, lol.

I promise that name picking is not taking any of my time, maybe few brain cycles per day, but nothing serious.

Icons on the other hand... :)

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nLite+ (nLite Plus)

WimLite or WnLite or nWLite (Because it will work on Windows OS packaged in a WIM, the "w" can stando for Windows or WIM)

Edit: nLiteW (again, the "w" is for WIM or Windows)

wiLite (w=Windows i=Image)

LiteWim, nLiteWim

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