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POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU


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What error do you mean, heinoganda? Microsoft typically tests their files before release. A file dated 2015/12/01 and released a week later makes sense. The new file blocks *.xboxlive.com as stated in the advisory.

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SD73 - thanks.  Just ran the updates and I'm still alive.


But I've noticed now and last month that MS Microsoft Update is not as smooth as before.  Half the updates Fail and I have to retry.  Maybe I also have to suspend Avast for the 10 mins or so - not entirely clear.  And today the MS Update window switched to the non-functioning display again for the first time in months.  Had to keep stabbing at it, including using a wuauclt command in cmd.


This COULD be because I've replaced the original good Western Digital Velociraptor hard drive (WD1600HLFS @ 10,000 RPM) that recently showed bad SMART signs with a leftover, little-used hybrid HD-SSD, a Seagate 500GB Momentus XT ST95005620AS.  It's a little erratic in what it's prioritizing.


Thoughts?  Thanks.

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I can't really offer you too much insight as I've only just started using the POS Updates within the last week or so.  I haven't had any failures or problems with the huge glut of them that installed when I converted.  I'd say around 50 or so.  Then another 12 or so of the manual Framework updates and what not.  Smooth sailing.  I do use Bit Defender, and I streamlined about every unnecessary service and program off that machine that I could think of and really just use it for an outgoing emailing machine.


Have you done the procedure to clear your Software Distribution Folder?  In the old days I'd run into a few stuck updates in there that'd keep failing until they were cleaned out.   

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So, two things:
Firstly, anyone has experienced any issues with explorer after installing newest POS updates? I have to restart explorer.exe to have my desktop functional. I thing this might be a conflict with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit in fact, yet still, I'd love to be sure.

Secondly:... Uh, where to start from :huh:  I'd looked through whole topic three times, and every each time I found something I missed the previous time. Whole lots of useful information spread all around with a lot of distractors in between them. So, I'd like to sum it up. To have fully updated XP home one have to have:
- SP 3, Microsoft Update Instead of WU and all crucial and optional security and system and IE updates (and I have that).
- Disabled SSL 3 support for IE 8 via Control Panel (as simple as it is)
- Reg tweak by Serbjk and all POSReady system, IE and security updates (done that too)
- Updates cert list, manually replacing files or using Cert-updater by heinoganda (works smoothly, thanks!)
- uninstall .NET framework if not needed or
- use hmuellers's list to find all .NET 2, 3 and 4 security updates from his list provided here, I got all installed with no issues... and here starts the troubles for me.
- heinoganda's list contains also .NET 3.5 updates, Should i install them as well or ignore, meaning that hmuellers's list is enough?
- .NET 1.1 updates, that have to be modified before installing. They can be obtained via BlackWingCat's blog (sorry, Japanese appeared to be a blocking barrier for me so far) or downloaded from M$ site and modified using harkaz's method, am I right? I'd love to do it, but it seems as the riskiest part of it all.
- Get rid of Silverlight if not necessary or install newest Silverlight... gettin' latest installer and running it is enough, dudes?

- Something about timezones update... Honestly,I didn't understood this one at all, sorry.

- Something else I missed?


And all of this not meaning keeping other software up-to-date, system clean, clear from not necessary services etc...  :w00t: 


I'm into that from some time and still so many questions... Personally I think of myself writing some blog post summing it up when I'll get sure 'bout everything, which can be linked in first post... way too many things were covered here to be easily found and applied by any newcomer, especially if he's not into system administration and management or such sort of things.

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Mccinwwl,, I think one complete summary with everything needed at one place would be a terrific idea.  Thumbing through this thread kept me putting it off for a long while myself.  Then having definitive followup procedures that needed to be applied that we could all check in one central location would be ideal.  I for one just followed hmueller's well detailed instructions and have kept up on the cert updates and other downloads as advised.  However, I've never removed anything Framework or Silverlight related.  I may have missed that.  If I did, having everything like that suggestion in one centrally maintained and curated spot would absolutely be helpful to me and I think others that may be hesitant of jumping on board.  


I haven't had any of the explore issues you mention.  I do run Anti-Exploit too, but I use BitDefender with it and Chrome for everything but Microsoft Updates.

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Big thanks to dencorso, jaclaz, heinoganda and other experts here.  I'm just a noob, but this thread is great.  So is this entire msfn.org.


However, for awed tourists such as myself, I do urge Mcinwwl to try his hand at a centralized blog.  In my case, I've NOT kept up with the .Net stuff, and I'm way too non-tech to try anything that requires altering files.


And yesterday, for the first time, I actually saw an XP POS terminal, at Gracious Home hardware at 67th and Broadway in NYC, where I bought a simple flat-coiled 3/4" key-card ring for 20 cents.  I almost blurted out "Hey, I know that system," but restrained myself just in time.  (Mcinwwl, please hurry - I'm starting to go gaga.)

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How about manually porting the new .net framework into xp as well as they did with dx10?

It would be really helpful.


dx10 was never ported nor XP has ability to use it



FYI I found this, made a few researches, and it worked: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174666-get-directx-1011-in-windows-xp/


Anyway, it would be nice to have other .net frameworks.


As to the updates installed this week, everything is fine.

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Question re hmuellers's list to find all .NET 2, 3 and 4 security updates provided here:

Is that list at that location updated currently?  Seems to be, but thought I'd check.

Also, I am guessing I should use Belarc Advisor to see which of hmueller's list I have already installed, yes, and then just do the remaining?  Or should I just redo his entire list in order anyway?


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Also, I am guessing I should use Belarc Advisor to see which of hmueller's list I have already installed, yes, and then just do the remaining?  Or should I just redo his entire list in order anyway?


The process of clicking through these dot-net updates on a basic PC reminds me of that ominous line repeated in the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song...a three-hour tour…  Hopefully you can avoid going through that again, and if so, three cheers for Belarc Advisor.


Has anyone noticed that sometimes a faster machine doesn’t affect the user experience very much?  Here’s an instance where it really does, reducing a three-hour task to:


E8600 @ 3.3GHz = 12 minutes

i5-2500K @ 3.7GHz = 9 minutes

i7-4790K @ 4.4GHz = 7 minutes

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Well, just installed all the Net 2, 3 and 4 updates from hmuellers's list provided here that I didn't have already (per Belarc Advisor).  (With XP, I'm not supposed to have Net 4.5 or 8 or 27 am I?)


Basic question:  I have XP SP3 32-bit in US English.  If I've installed all "normal" updates that come from Microsoft Update with the POS hack (including Dec 8, 2015), and if I've installed everything on hmuellers's list, am I totally up to date? 


Is there another thing I should do (besides have a Scotch)?


Many thanks.

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