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Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4


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No, it will not.

Here is a -potential- registry fix if you really need it. Be aware that it's the SERVER causing the problem and the fix you indicate is for encryption changes. Blame that on the particular Servers.



Read also this (particularly post#6) -



This is the KB article link -


The attachment listing fixes (etc) in this SP4 is in post#1 and doesn't mention it since it's not available.




edit - Note that it -appears- that the x64 Win2003 version is also for the x64 WinXP. I have absolutely no clue as to whether fudging in the x86 Win2003 would "cure" the "problem" since all of the version fixes are of "5.2.3790".

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Thanks submix8c for the links and advice.

I wasn't complaining about anything, I'm looking forward to full release of sp4, I just wondered if there was a way around it. :)

and hoping in some way that it might be included in the sp4. Yes :yes: , I should have read the listing before putting my question.



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Do you have any way to test it? I mean can you outline a reproducible procedure that causes the error 0×80090326 on XP SP3?

If so, then it's possible to find out whether the 2k3 SP2 files work on XP SP3 or not. If, however, that's not the case, I think it'd be better to postpone such determination till the moment someone finds out such a handy test case, before trying to port those 2k3 SP2 to XP SP3. There are already too many chestnuts in our plate to chew, at the moment, so to say. :)

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It's just finished uploading. I accidently screwed up the original sfxcab installer, that's why I had to reupload the file.


Looking forward to your comments...

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