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Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4


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Try to log in with another user account and see what happens.


Before trying another account I discovered something new.

This problem only occur with (.tmp) files and it's not a problem in temp folder or any other files because I made fake (.tmp) file on the desktop  and tried to copy it and yes explorer.exe crashed!!

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That's interesting. I haven't reproduced the issue yet - but it seems unrelated to SP4. I suppose you get the crash when you right-click on any .tmp file as well.

Another discovery!

When I make files with random extension they will crash explorer too if I right click them!

for example


for some reason explorer crash because there is no app in windows to open these file extensions.

Are you sure it is not a bug in SP4?

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Try to remove .NET Framework completely:


1. Use Add/remove components to remove all installed .NET Framework versions.

2. Run the .NET Framework cleanup tool to remove any MSI remnants.


I haven't reproduced your issue in VM.

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@herbalist The live installer installs the default set of SP4 components, including .NET Framework 3.5 and 1.1. I don't plan to change this behaviour in the (next) final release.

I'll pass on this one. The download is almost as big as my current XP install and will replace too much of what I've stripped out.

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@herbalist Unfortunately, the great size of SP4 can be a disadvantage. Howewer, I'll try to help anyone willing to remove some of its components by publishing the source files used to build the SP4 (except for the certificate used to digitally sign all updated files).


You can modify the update.inf and the other information files, so that they contain only the necessary files for your needs. I have left my comments in the INF files intact (except for the layout/txtsetup/dosnet ones) specifically for that purpose- to help you customizing these files.


There is no perfect solution for any problem. I have tried to make SP4 fully customizable but, on the other hand, only advanced users will have the skills to complete the task.

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I've just (about two days ago) installed the Un-Official SP4 onto my Tablet (HP/Compaq TC1100), which *was* running Windows 7 from an SSD, but I switched back to the old 4200rpm HD, which actualy seems quite a bit faster now...


Anyway, it worked well, and the tablet some new POSReady updates after all was said and done. Very impressed, and thanks for the effort!


*With this final version being introduced, will there be any need to reinstall? Is there anything I might miss?

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Started uploading the new FINAL version files.


They will be available in a few hours.

Thanks harkaz!


One thing, would it be possible to include a link to the download when you post updates to the files?

If it's an etiquette consideration with RyanVM.net then not a problem, but otherwise it would make things easier!

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Sorry. Let's let the link elsewhere, please.
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@nostaglic98 The latest SP4 update version is required for proper .NET Framework 4.0 servicing. It is strongly recommended because it includes some enhancemnets to the way all .NET Framework versions are installed.

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