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  1. ...Downloaded the updated HFSLIP2000-FullPack.7z...everything's fine... THANKS tomasz ! Cheers...
  2. Thanks Tom, WELL Done!!! it's working perfectly, now... Farewell, buddy hackeronte
  3. Yep, understood... Obviously I've already dowloaded HFslip2K a long time ago BUT... i always like to have a lot of fresh recent copies of VERY important files... so i was trying to download it just for security reasons No hurry at all... Thanks again, Tom
  4. Hi Tom I,m trying to donwload HFSLIP 2000 and appear this error I'd like to know if is temporarily due to your update or is something unrelated... or... i'm doing something wrong ? As ALWAYS, Thanks so much to keep W2K alive... Cheers... P.D. Very cute Icons (Updates List), good job...
  5. Maybe This UDF Reader 2.5 can be of any help??? Cheers...
  6. Yeah... Yeah... me too... Actually i'm using FF v 48.0.2 rarely & FF 40 mainly (more addons)... So FF 51 isn't a priority at all... Just curious to see how far could go W2K in this XXI century (the time of tablets & smartphones) Cheers
  7. Hi, mixit thank for your attention and interest.... Don't Worry mixit i didn't mean to be... ' rude' calling it ' solution ' i was just copying/pasting the original name without even think about the exact meaning of the word and the consequencies there of... very kind of you...and please don't feel sorry i usually like to feel free to try unpredictable SOLUTIONS The instruction at "0x00004000" referenced memory at "0x00004000". The memory could not be "read". xul.dll & prefs.js modded FF PORTABLE: FirefoxPortableNightly_51.0_Alpha_1_Pre_English_online.paf.exe --> firefox-51.0a1.en-US.win32.installer.exe At least we've tried to do something ( kludgy ) about it Thanks & Cheers P.D. Behind every successful action there's a lot of unsaccessful trial & error
  8. Unfortunately, The Solution it didn't work... it's still crashing... Thanks, though... cheers
  9. Thanks a lot for your valuable information, mixit very kind of you to share it... i,ve read it & executed now let me try the results.... (rebooting from 7 to w2k-usp-ext-krn to try) ... thanks again hkrnt
  10. further investigations by a sick W2K-guy i've examined firefox.exe v with dependency walker and found a missing dll named concrt140.dll related with Visual 2015... copied the dll in FF P folder and run it again now it says more then before Error: The procedure entry point CoGetInterceptor could not be located in the dynamic link library ole32.dll i don't know if this can be of any help... thanks, regards P.D. i didnt notice your post Tom, anyway
  11. Yes, Tom i'm agree with you and... i've try to install FF P(ortable) v 49 and ERROR on w2k Then i've installed FF P v. and it runs fine XPCOM from wikipedia (interesting...) cheers
  12. Thanks a LOT guys for the quick & efficient reply "...Let us hope then that BlackWingCat will do something about this issue..." I'm agree with you, Tom. Thanks again and cheers hckrnt
  13. Thanks, Tom I'm using various versions of FF portable edition (12, 36, 38, 40, 43, 45 and 48) 'cause it's a much more simple and efficient way to test if FF's addons are still working on new FF versions To be completely honest..now that you said it... yes, when opening Updates page freezes for only few seconds ( i thought it was due to too opened tabs: 46 !!! ) But... nope 'cause i've tried to open it with only 2 or 3 tabs already open and the page is still freezing a bit... I've installed FF 5.1 alpha portable and for the first time on w2k usp52 ext. kern. it refuses to start the ERROR is: firefox.exe - Application Error Couldn't load XPCOM. The instruction at "0x00004000" referenced memory at "0x00004000". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program i've tried to start the exe with Application Compatibility Launcher but nothing change Please someone can confirme that is a general problem and not a peculiarity of my W2K + USP52 + EXT KRN installation THANKS a lot P.D. Obviously FF 5.1a is running smoothely on W7-U-SP1
  14. Hi Tomasz, Using FF48 on w2k your site is loading super-fast !!!!! Thanks Tomasz & Cheers...
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