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Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4


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All it says about POS Ready is this:



You can also scan for POSReady updates, because the POSReady trick has been included.


Which is no help at all. What is POS, what is POS Ready? Do I need/want it?


And again, what do I download?

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"POS Ready" is a flavor of Windows XP, like you have "XP Embedded" or "XP MCE".

POS Ready continues to receive security updates while it is officially not the case for "Windows XP" (that Microsoft would like the world to ditch). It appears those updates are applicable to the XP most of us still use. You do not need POS Ready but you might want those security updates. The "trick that is included" probably allows you to get those updates as if they were meant for your system.

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Indeed so.

If you haven't done the POS Ready tweak, which you obviously haven't as you don't know about it, the file you need is WindowsXP-USP4-NOPOS-x86-ENU.exe.

You can find details of the tweak here.

It allows Windows Update to still offer you the security updates intended for POS Ready (POS is "point of sale", this version of Windows is used on things like self service tills in supermarkets.)

I have had the tweak since EOS for Windows XP back in April, and none of the offered updates have caused me any problems (touch wood!)


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   please provide your XP SP4 in a ISO format, 


The live installer files will extracted in 2 ISOs when the Final Version is released, for use on older systems.

You must slipstream SP4 to your installation media, a CD-ROM installation ISO won't be provided.


Windows XP SP4 great size can be attributed primarily to the MCE2005 files - SP4 updates all previous MCE versions to MCE2005 with Update Rollup 2. In addition, it includes all .NET frameworks and other components which increase SP4 size considerably.

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i remember xables used to be 30 mb of only critical updates till end of 2012 when he stopped. 50 mb till EOL would still be ok. is there a light version like xables post sp3 till eol?

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