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Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4


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Errm... the first post says start with an XP-SP1 source (which, AFAICT, has that file). :unsure:

Also, there's this topic about using nLite and removing stuff.


Did you, by chance, start with an nLited source and/or not-SP1/SP2/SP3 and/or some "modified" source? :no:

This Unofficial SP4 is constructed directly from the SP3 package, so... :crazy:

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Thanks for the unofficial service pack, I have recommended it in my legacy Windows XP Reinstallation Guide and on the Dell Community Forums for those who wish to stick with Windows XP for now or have a system which can't handle Windows 7. I will at some point write a guide installing XP in a VM using VMware player and will also integrate it into that guide.


One thing I tried however was to add this update to an nLite install with a Dell Windows XP Professional OEM Reinstallation CD. I lost the Dell System Locked Preinstallation mechanism for Windows XP and was prompted to input a product key, I aborted the install at this screen. I don't know if you have done any testing with OEM SLP keys so thought its worth a mention.


On the other hand installation of the Unofficial Service Pack 4 after installation of Dell Windows XP Professional OEM with Service Pack 3 (nLite slipstreamed and Rufus USB), Dell Windows XP MCE OEM with Service Pack 2 (Rufus USB) and Dell Windows XP Home OEM with Service Pack 3 (nLite slipstreamed and Rufus USB) has worked without any issues.

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Very nice project -- leaving .net 4 as post install option, and adding security is nice as well


I have retail OEM XPproSP3 english.


The disk is named GRTMPOEM_EN, and one of root files is WIN51IP.SP3


Is that enough to tell if I have XP pro N? K? or KN?



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