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Hmm. Good job. I've been sick like crap for the past month, though. This application, unlike most other start menu replacements, looks and feels fully native, just like the original StartIsBack. I'm using it after recently getting the RTM of 8.1, but I've noticed an option or two could be added to make it even better. One thing I miss from the old StartIsBack is searching the desktop control panel from the start menu. Is it possible to add that as an option in an update down the road? Would make this even more useful... EDIT: Derp, it already searches it. Either MS has further confused me by changing the search terms that trigger certain control panel options, or maybe it had a rare glitch and didn't search on one occasion. Here's a little enhancement for further fine-grained control. Just a suggestion. Would it be a good idea to separate the one option of "Search Programs and Settings" into two checkboxes, one saying "search programs" and the other "search settings". Just an idea. I'll continue to test and report back. Also, another question. Could you please add an option to disable and enable the "Search" menu item under All Programs? Thanks.

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You can disable control panel searching this way:


That won't be a setting though.

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At the first THANKS for this great job.

Sorry, but my right pane has not the proper size, the items are in two lines.

I´m using Windows 8.1 RTM and StarIsBack 1.0 RC5 (with RC4 happends the same).

It happends with all the skins.

I have seen small mistakes in traslation to spanish and item without translate.

Preferences/Label Changes/In dropdown menus "No haçer nada" must be "No hacer nada"

"Enfocar Charms" must be "Enfocar Encantos"

Top and bottom right items are in english.


Thank you very much.

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Finally I figured out the shutdown problem of my computer.

Currently, Virtualbox bridged networking component seems to have sleep and shutdown problem.

After I disabled the bridged networking in Virtualbox, my problems are all gone away.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Found a slight issue, if I go over to the very left of the screen and click start nothing happens. Right clicking brings up the context menu for the taskbar. It seems that either the button itself is offset by a little bit or there's something covering it up. Once you click the button and it's focused, you can still open it on the very left edge and it works fine.

To reproduce click the desktop then try opening the start menu by the very left edge. I believe it has something to do with the corner navigation even though I have all that disabled.

Found that this only happens on my secondary monitor, primary it works like it should in that it always highlights/clicks when the cursor is on the far left.

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Release is being hold by lack of some translations.

If you can be a translator, please see this post or write me an email

Languages missing: Czech, Slovak, Turkish, Croatian, Korean, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese traditional.

Please also report if right pane is not wide enough for your language.

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Hm, I don't know if it's a bug or anything, but:

1. I have Windows 8.1 with StartIsBack+ RC4 currently.

2. Today StartIsBack+ prompted to download RC5.

3. It downloaded it, installed it and prompted to restart my PC.

4. I restarted it and StartIsBack+ still says it's using RC4.

5. So I downloaded RC5 manually, installed it, prompted to restart my PC, restarted it.

6. It's still using RC4.

Yes, I checked the installation file, it's RC5.

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