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Sorry, but the bugs reported don't make sense to me, I can't reproduce them.

Please specify your Windows bitness, language, install type, installed programs and the steps to reproduce them.

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Windows 8.1 x64 RTM (original install was English [upgrade from 8], with Slovenian language pack added, UI set to Slovenian). At the moment, if the active window is mostly on my secondary monitor, pressing the Windows key on keyboard doesn't open Start Menu (the key is still registered in programs that hook it, but even if I open eg. Notepad, drag it to the second screen and press the Windows key on keyboard, nothing happens; Ctrl+Windows does open Start Screen). I'm not sure if this'll still happen if I reboot/restart Explorer - if there's anything you want me to try, I can do so before I power off for the night in about 2 hours.

While testing this, I also noticed another problem: sometimes when I open Start Menu and then close it (with keyboard), the active window will change (as if I pressed Alt+Tab).

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there are too many posts so I don't know if this issue was already reported. In the Italian translation (Win8.1 + RC4), and in other languages I believe, when the menu item is too long the item occupies two lines instead expanding the menu area. This behaviour doesen't affected the 2.1 version in Windows 8.

See the attached file.

Thanks for your support and good job (this software is great!)


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This is more of a feature request than a bug. Would it be possible to retain the little window animation & original start orb with animation when that is shown in metro? I like the color )blue) and animation you get when you hover however I never really use metro. I would want the taskbar to match in color as well kinda like it does now. Would this be hard to add?

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Standard taskbar on secondary monitor is enabled.

Switching off 'Enable all edges on secondary monitors' makes Start Menu work on secondary monitor (though I'm undecided if I like it opening there).

I'm not running any shell enhancement software.

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The right pane width may shrink in future build, but not expand. Do all default items fit on one line in IT-IT Windows 7 / 8?

Sure all items fits in one line in default Windows 7 start menu.

As I said in my original post, STARTISBACK 2.1 under my original WINDOWS 8 IT PRO 64BIT fits all items in one line without problems. This problem occurred after updating my windows to 8.1 ITA with the STARTISBACK RC4.

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