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I am on STartIsBack++ 2.5.2 and I found a bug/inconvenience.

I can't run anything as administrator from search results. When I use the "Run as administrator" option in the context menu, I get an error instead. Please check the attached screenshot for the full error.


Is it possible to fix this problem?



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I use SiB just for the themes.  I always use the Windows 10 Start Menu, and have it at the top of the SiB start menu.  Could you please tell me how to remove the Pin To Start Menu right click option as all I need is Pin to Start.  I can not find it in registry.

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Thanks for the AWESOMAZING SiB+. I am using version 2.5.2 on Windows 10.

I have noticed that SiB+ misses some items in search results that it previously detected when using the search programs feature.

Example... I have a folder in my start menu that starts with TN. This is no longer showing up in the search results where it use to. Another program name Agentry was failing to show in the search results even though the link was in All Programs.

It's random at best and I really have no way of a 100% reproduction. Where do you suggest I start looking to troubleshoot?


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Seems this 1.7.x branch activation is broken.


I emailed the official support address and got no response.


So I have had it installed for several years now on windows 8.1 v1.7.5.


It somehow has deactivated so I guess activation is not honoured forever unless it can somehow reauthenticate, and when i try to manually reactivate, nothing really happens, also it says signature check failed.

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