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  1. It wasn't that easy, but I managed to do it. I got an Unknown Hard Error for Windows Explorer, had to Log out a couple of times, before I finally got the RC5 to install.
  2. Hm, I don't know if it's a bug or anything, but: 1. I have Windows 8.1 with StartIsBack+ RC4 currently. 2. Today StartIsBack+ prompted to download RC5. 3. It downloaded it, installed it and prompted to restart my PC. 4. I restarted it and StartIsBack+ still says it's using RC4. 5. So I downloaded RC5 manually, installed it, prompted to restart my PC, restarted it. 6. It's still using RC4. Yes, I checked the installation file, it's RC5.
  3. Yes, checked it, this is the one! Thank you very much!
  4. Is there a registry tweak (or something I skipped in nLite) for this? I mean I don't need that blue thing over the icon's name? Any suggestions? Thx in advance.
  5. Ok, take CCleaner for instance. If I dont use the /s in the script, does the Install window pop up, as it would normally do?
  6. Wondering, When the user selects which apps to install, can he define it THEN where to install it? I mean, not all users install programs to their drive C:, some want it at D: or maybe E: . So is it possible? Thanks a lot. ps.: if somebody asked this sometime ago, please redirect me to that post.
  7. The question is simple. How? It's not really the icons (explorer.exe), but the cursor. How can I change the cursor then put it into the unattended XP? I've searched explorer.exe, but don't seem to find the cursor.
  8. Any way of setting this at install? I'd like the input to set to English (United States) and the keyboard to Hungarian.
  9. How can I set the pagefile.sys with adding a .reg file to my registry to not be bigger than 50 megabytes?????
  10. Well, I found out that I can get rid of the bug if I change the InputLocale to English(US), and the keyboard layout to Hungarian. What to write into the WINNT.SIF to put it into the unattended installation? Sorry for the Hungarian language in the pic, but I'll explain. Need that one at the top, with English(US)-Hungarian. (in hungarian: Angol(egyesült államokbeli)-magyar) Pls help:S
  11. I got a Hungarian copy of WinXP SP2, took all languages out, except Hungarian, from keyboard as well (only Hungarian Keyboard 1O1 left in), now when I press y>>>its a z, and vise versa. Why, it only happened to me when I used an US keyboard layout. Oh, and now I dont have a zero, because zero>>its an í
  12. I love this forum, because its fast and helpful. Just one more question: Whats the name of the Theme service in nLite, so that I'm sure I'm not removing it?
  13. Okay, I made a very cool and fast XP. But it couldnt load the theme I integrated. It says: Now what is that exactly? I patched uxtheme.dll. Pls, heelp, thats my only problem:SSS
  14. Hy again, I used an unattended English XP PRO SP2, and turned all the languages to Hungarian in nLite before. Still, when I first get into windows after the install, its English. So, is there an easy way to cure this? Thank you:)
  15. Well just think of a torrentsite:)) Everything there had some kind a protection and was on CD. And there u have it on the internet:)
  16. So, I decided to make my own XP without some components that I dont need. Installed correctly but: -I used nLite to remove some components, but now I cant install several programs. MSN 8.5 just gives an error, 8.1 and 7.5: I get the installation picture, click on next, it vanishes and nothing happens. Same happens to Steam. Why, what did I remove I dont have to? -How can I change the welcome, shutting down, and applying system settings screen? -I read the article about unattended program installing, copied the files and .reg's to $OEM$/$1/install, edited RunOnceEx.cmd but it only copied the files onto C: but didnt install it or apply the reg file. Thats all for now, thx to whoever will solve it:)
  17. I was wondering, is it possible to change the text on the side of Start Menu (where it usually says Windows XP Pro or Home), and integrate this little change into the unattended XP install?
  18. Noooo, of course not..... Only the Security.reg one...
  19. I failed to read what the Security tweak does, just applied it xDD Now, I cant access my folders, cant install anything xD Need help, A noob xD
  20. Its me again. Just 2 questions: 1. Ive read about changing the screen under install, downloaded ResEdit, but it says it only can open .rc files (resource). How to make the winntbbu.dll an .rc file to work with that? Also read makecab and the others.... 2. The $OEM$, $$, $1 etc. folders that are mentioned in This page, do I have to create them, because I dont have them already? Thx a lot, fastest forum I've ever seen:D
  21. Ty, and I think I also found the answer at the RunOnceEx chapter. Hurray:D
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