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PandaX, i still can't reproduce this. Are you using VM? Screen corners are known to behave differently under VM(Ware).

No, native install, no mods/themes.

It seems to click through so if it's on a transparent pixel of the button I'm just clicking the taskbar, if my cursor hits the flag where there's not a completely transparent pixel it highlights. But this doesn't happen on my primary monitor, it highlights/clicks wherever so long as it's within the window's rectangle.

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Release is being hold by lack of some translations.


I sent you a german translation yesterday (after you explained "averything at once" to me). Just mentioning it here, so that no one else feels obligated to do one.

Right pane is wide enough.

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Hi i am happy customer of StartIsBack, now i am testing the new Plus version, and i have integrated in unattend DVD, i noted when installation ends, the left menu contains all installed applications.

It's possible avoid it?

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^^ That's funny. Maybe there's some RDP session you forgot?

PandaX, see it clearly now but still can't reproduce.

Drakelor, thank you for reporting this. I'll fix this.

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Question, should startisback be uninstalled before upgrading to windows 8.1.

Not necessarily, but you must install StartIsBack 2.0 or above if you're using earlier version.

Ok works fine on Windows 8.1 Pro + WMC but how to activate with key?

Where must I insert a valid key?

Right click Start button - Properties - About - Activate.

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Great it worked.. looks great.. hope some stable version will come out soon... :)

Why isn't this download on the Frontpage mate?

Edit: Never used this before, why the hell isn't M$ doing this kind of Start Menu... I mean... tjeez.. :no:

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