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Universal Extractor Feature Requests


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REQUEST : support for CWS files

HINT 1 : TrID recognize CWS signature

HINT 2 : you can found extractors [swfdecomp] on the swifty utilities site (http://www.buraks.com/swifty/),

they seems free to use :

addr1 : http://www.buraks.com/swifty/swfc10.zip

addr1 : http://www.buraks.com/swifty/swfc11.zip

NOTE1 : the two version may be needed

NOTE2 : swfdecomp works "in place" cws->fws wich is not the current behavior of UNIE,

but i'm sure is not too difficult to work around...



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please add amiga cruncher formats.

Powerpacker, imploder pls.




developer xad, xfd, xpk master librarys


cruncher ids


eg xfd includes a file id scanner

for examples look for amiga adf demo disks, diskmags etc.



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:hello: How about supporting also SitX of StuffIt? The format can compress a JPEG to 75 % of the original size, :blink: and you can use the StuffIt Expander without installation (two files: ShebangIntf.dll and SitExpander.exe, about 2 MB as a RAR-archive). You could cut down STIX_D.exe and stuffit5.engine-5.1.dll from the bin folder (333kb compressed).

Edit: StuffItX-format is different from the traditional StuffIt. The image compression uses a trick similar to the zipx-format of WinZip. The latest StuffIt Expander download is 10 MB large and the application ist too intrusive for my mind.

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hi, if you support the following you will be awesome


upolyx <<extremely high wanted

pecompact << high wanted

I've looked into all of these before, but was not able to find any freely-redistributable unpackers for them. If you know of any, please suggest here, otherwise this will need to stay on the unsupported list.

here is free unpacker for PeCompact with source code, also some other unpackers with source


it's say is tested on version 2.55/2.64/78/79, but work even on 3.03

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Maybe I missed a configuration value, but I would like the option to turn off the system-modal setting. That is, when I'm extracting something large and have to do something else, that status window is in the way. Could there be a setting so that the popup would not stay on top of all other windows, and just flash the icon in the system tray when the extraction is done?

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Please consider adding support for 'TTComp archive data' (as reported by the Unix file utility). These files begin with 0x00 0x06. Universal Extractor already recognizes some of these files and extracts them using i3comp and stix.

There are other valid formats that Universal Extractor does not currently understand including some old Macintosh word-processing files and the files generated by CX-Programmer from omron.com. CX-Programmer creates .cxp files that can be decompressed into .cxt files.

An open-source utility to decompress TTComp archive data is available at http://www.exelana.com/techie/c/ttdecomp.html.

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Support for .RTPatch.

This is a format for software updates. A patch may contain differences from the original data, as well as complete files. The complete files can be extracted using a command-line utility that is redistributed inside some self-installing patches. It takes the patch data file, stripped from the "SFX header" as an argument. The piece of code is not free, though.

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These two extractor updates for Universal Extractor 1.6.2: innounp to 0.36 and StuffIt Expander to 7.0.1 (as in the files in the attached ux162.zip->bin to replace some of the files in C:\Program Files\Universal Extractor\bin and the files in ux162.zip->docs to replace some of the files in C:\Program Files\Universal Extractor\docs, I've also included a reg.reg file requesting that, for StuffIt Expander 7.0.1, Universal Extractor should automatically install what's in reg.reg in the Windows registry when any user is running Universal Extractor for the first time). (I couldn't upload the 1.4MB ux162.zip archive)

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I'd really like some command-line switch to make it more silent. Especially the 7-Zip questions likes "Do you want to override...?". A /silent telling: No matter what, choose what you think is the best option but don't ask/show the user.

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Universal Extractor - no further changes being made....

You're on your own on that one -


edit - AHHH!!! Goru is "maintaining" it - see this thread -


It also links to a Russian Website (where Goru releases the latest).

Also see this -


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