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Universal Extractor Feature Requests


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This is most likely another detection issue - if you can provide examples, I'll see what I can do.

Please check out the new MsiX support in 1.6.1 and let me know if that works for you. MsiX makes four methods for MSI extraction and three for MSP extraction... I really don't want to add more if possible, but then again I'm always open to better solutions. Please compare and let me know how it works.

Just tried the newer versions and so far so good (apart from NSIS failure up from beta1 of UniExtract).

The Microsoft setup detection seems to work now. Even works with Windows Mobile Rom updates like WinRAR did (even though it initially recognizes the setups as being Install Shield... if you select it isn't Install Shield it'll detect the correct type and extract).

MSI seems to be working great now (didn't know about MsiX).

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(I already posted this in bug reports, but I'm not sure where this should go, so I'm posting it here as well)

I have some more suggestions:

AspackDie could be replaced or complemented with Anti-ASPack - http://www.woodmann....ers/Antiasp.zip

BareBones OOZ could be replaced or complemented with UnZoo - http://archives.math.../util/unzoo.exe

This is a freely redistributable unpacker for PECompact: http://ap0x.jezgra.net/RL!dePeCompact 2.x.rar

UnUHARC should be removed, as you have stated that a legitimate source cannot be found.

Your program cannot extract installers created with JGSoft DeployMaster (http://www.deploymaster.com)

When I extract one, it just creates a file called [~0].

I have zipped up two sample installers of this type here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yyfzjzn1vey

(The first one is their installer, made using their product, and the second one is a sample made by me)

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The Microsoft setup detection seems to work now. Even works with Windows Mobile Rom updates like WinRAR did (even though it initially recognizes the setups as being Install Shield... if you select it isn't Install Shield it'll detect the correct type and extract).

InstallShield issue comes from TrID - it has an extremely high false-positive rate, and I haven't been able to find a good programmatic way to deal with it.

(I already posted this in bug reports, but I'm not sure where this should go, so I'm posting it here as well)

Thanks. This is actually the better thread for this kind of request, but I saw it in the bug reports thread first so I commented there.

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What about adding support to detect compiled AHK & AutoIT files + extract the MainScript and attached files?

Here's the AutoIT extractor:


Hmm 3 years we already had some email discussion about this:

Subject:AW: UniExtract support for AutoIt3 File

dude, this myAutToExe program is pretty **** cool. I've never heard

of it before. I absolutely love the fact that it can even rip out

embedded files.


On 10/19/07 12:10, CW2K@<someDomain> wrote:

> Hi Jared,


> thanks for creating this handy tool!


> I added to my copy of UniExtract support for extracting(decompiling)

> for compiled AutoIt3-files.


But some we lost the track of this issue - much other stuff, no time, or may the Spam filter 'eat' one of da reply mails.

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(I use the 'noinst'/'UniExtract Binary Archive' version)


gdv requested a feature:

I would appreciate an option to keep Universal Extractor open when it completes its task. Often when I use it, I want to check several files, and it would be nice if it just stayed open to be re-used.

I didn't know (until yesterday when I was browsing the forum) that you had included context menu commands with the installer version, and I had simply installed it as a standalone. I've now run the installer and the context menus certainly make it simpler to access, and reduce the need for the option to have it stay open.

But if it isn't too difficult, I would still appreciate that option.

you replied:

That should be doable. Will explore options for the next major release.

I just want to say that I also would like that feature as well.

For the record there's also a person on The Portable Freeware Collection that has requested such a feature as well

So how should it work more specifically?

Either it should stay open and look like when you start it up; that is with the two "Archive/Installer to extract:" & "Destination directory:" boxes empty.

Or it should stay open having the two boxes filled out with what they have just previously been filled out with from the file you previously ran through Universal Extractor.

It could be made so you had the option to choose between these two ways

I don't know if it could be made so you could choose this preference from within the program and store it (though I do see there's an 'Edit'->'Preferences' available and a 'UniExtract.ini'). Maybe it should be made as a "command line parameter". From my experience they can look like (following a space) -parametername, /parametername or just parametername.

I want to note though that I have found out that you can also just double-click a lot of times on/initiate multiple processes of Universal Extractor (and in this way you kinda get the workings of 'the first suggested working way' - though you have multiple windows open instead of just one (+it's difficult to know before-hand how many open windows you are gonna need)).


For instance I wanted to be able to extract the Wallpapers out from these .exe files: link examples 1, link example 2 (yes it's wierd the download link in 'link example 2' is called "Download Game") or (being able to be sure to) have the Mario Forever game (download links here, fx you could try the v4.4) without getting toolbar (:crazy:) installed. I never succeeded in getting the wallpapers extracted. And regarding the Mario Forever game... well first I extracted using 'E_Wise Unpacker' -> it gives you some folders with some files without filenames in a 'TEMP' folder. I tried renaming 'APP_EXE_NAME' to 'APP_EXE_NAME.exe' (just found out that this really isn't necassary (update again: oh actually it is if you want to use the 'Not an InstallShield installer' option)) and drag-and-dropped it and ran it through Universal Extractor. The first option 'isxunpack extraction' didn't work. Neither did the 'Not an InstallShield installer' option I think (don't know about that 'Click OK if you'd like to analyze the file yourself' (BTW if pressing cancel it leaves an empty 'APP_EXE_NAME' folder)). The 'InstalShield /b switch' option I don't know about - the "If you believe this file may possibly be malicious, it is recommended that you do not continue. Do you want to continue with extraction?" message scared me away.

I wonder if Universal Extractor has an option like this one for .msi's? I used it on some file (can't currently remember which) and it worked out really well - better than the attempts I had made with Universal Extractor (and also I also think I tried jsMSIx and Less MSIérables). I guess that option isn't unsafe/dangerous or anything? The 'InstalShield /b switch' option isn't like that one or what? because why else would it give that warning message?


Could you please maintain a list of which version (and maybe it's necassary with date and size too?) of each extractor (or 'helper binaries' as you call them) is in the (as a minimum) newest release? maybe as a text file in the release folder (AKA bundled along with every download) (like 'uniextract_changelog.txt')? Also maybe (I would prefer this as well ;):)) available online like ChangeLog. (Though I have noticed that you do have a ToDo which is nice (fx it currently says "new MSI unpacker").)


Oh just noticed a drag and drop bug; If you drag and drop a file into Universal Extractor, then Universal Extractor auto fills out the two boxes - fine, very nice, I use this feature and like it very much - but then if you change your mind and decide you don't wanna extract that file but another one instead so you drag and drop another file into Universal Extractor, then Universal Extractor only auto fills/change the top "Archive/Installer to extract:" box, but the lower second "Destination directory:" box remains having the text/location Universal Extractor auto filled out when you drag and dropped the first file.


Could I have a way to control where it starts? if it should be in the middle or what. Right now the application starts centered in the middle. It could be cool with a possibility to store the position from last exit. Maybe "command line parameter"? Maybe position from last time stored in a .ini? Or maybe both :P.


What is your opinion on PortableApps.com? I think I would like your application being available from PortableApps. It would belong under 'Utilities' I guess. I found these links:

http://portableapps.com/node/3115 - Forums » General Forums » Request Apps » Universal Extractor (2006)

http://portableapps.com/node/16358 - Forums » General Forums » Request Apps » Universal Extractor (UniExtract): could become a part of PortableApps (2008)

http://portableapps.com/node/24531 - Forums » Development Forums » Beta Testing » Universal Extractor Portable 1.6.1 Dev Test 4 (2010)

http://portableapps.com/news/2009-10-22_-_portableapps.com_debuts_freeware_portable_apps - News » PortableApps.com Debuts Freeware Portable Apps (2009)

Thanks :)

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The newer versions of Inno Setup (including 5.4.0) are not supported. There is the usual error


try to update the innounp.exe file in the %programfiles%/universal extractor/bin directory.


according to innounp forum

Version 0.35

Supports Inno Setup versions 2.0.8 through 5.3.11

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