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  1. Universal Extractor Feature Requests

    I've looked into all of these before, but was not able to find any freely-redistributable unpackers for them. If you know of any, please suggest here, otherwise this will need to stay on the unsupported list. here is free unpacker for PeCompact with source code, also some other unpackers with source http://cdw.cd.ohost.de/programme.htm http://cdw.cd.ohost.de/Un2Pec.zip it's say is tested on version 2.55/2.64/78/79, but work even on 3.03
  2. Universal Extractor Feature Requests

    support for Secure Download Cabinet (SDC) files will be great info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Download_Cabinet unpacker http://imagi.pl/?p=7
  3. Halt on Extract

    newest innouno 0.23 is working nice, you probably not put in same folder (bin in case of UniExt) new folder with language dll's (for english example: \bin\Lang\1033.dll) which come with innounp.exe
  4. Universal Extractor Feature Requests

    hi please add support for PEiD 0.95 Build Date: Nov 03 2008; Signatures: 672) if i put in bin directory UniExt will not work http://peid.has.it/ also inno unpacker have some new version but not on sourceforge, that version will suport Inno Setup 5.2.3 some info and file: http://bbs.skygz.com/viewthread.php?tid=3&extra=page%3D1 http://it.megocollector.com/?p=686 http://rapidshare.com/files/172705618/inno...2008-12-06_.rar