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Universal Extractor Feature Requests


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Thank you so much for Universal Extractor. I really appreciate your great work.

I would like to associate XPI and JA files (Firefox add-ons and omni.ja, both in ZIP format) with Universal Extractor, and add the following entries to Windows
Explorer's context menu:

1) Compress to "FileName.xpi"
2) Compress to "FileName.ja"

Could you please add these options?
A better option would be adding a user-defined file extension for a supported format (i.e. Compress to "FileName.user-defined").


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Can you add support for Sony Windows Installer Preloder (Sony Vegas Pro)?

One of the few installers, which can't handle.

Unviersal Extractor recognizes it as a 7-ZIP Installer and extract only one file.

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