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  1. I need to patch machines identically. But, where the problem comes in is here: I receive a new PC that has just been imaged with Windows 7. I have been told to get patches on it so they match the ones that our SCCM server has pushed; no more, no less. It's easy to query WMI for QFEs on a patched machine. I can write something that would edit the .UL files and cast out any patches that are not on the patched machine. What I really need is some way to run WUD with command line switches, so it can automatically download the latest ULZ files and end, and another switch that would let me specify the Update List to process. It would basically do a 'check all' and download all of the patches that I need to have. This way, I could set up an automated process for bringing machines up to speed.
  2. Maybe I missed a configuration value, but I would like the option to turn off the system-modal setting. That is, when I'm extracting something large and have to do something else, that status window is in the way. Could there be a setting so that the popup would not stay on top of all other windows, and just flash the icon in the system tray when the extraction is done?
  3. I've mentioned this a few other times already, but it's worth repeating - support for this already exists, but it's dependent on accurate detection by PEiD. In order to add support for newer files I need to refine the PEiD signature, and in order to do that I need files to test myself. If you can provide download links to the installers you're having trouble with, I'll check them out and see if I can generate better PEiD signatures. I thought I had added it to my original message. I can't add the link, because I had to log in to get to it. It was simply by going to the Microsoft website: http://www.microsoft.com/office and followed the link for the Office trial.
  4. Can you add support for some of the newest Microsoft packages? I've tried to extract the Office 2007 trial version, which can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com/Office, but the universal extractor is unable to do anything with it. Here is a link for the switches for that package: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912203/ Brian

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