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Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

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That's precisely why I mentioned Ultimate Edition, not the Free edition. It can do: Motherboard temp, CPU temp, GPU temp, GPU memory temp, HDD temp, CPU fan speed, GPU fan speed, CPU core voltage and probably others, depending on the sensors installed in the hardware. It's been years since I last had Aida32 on my system and that's why I said I didn't know (remember) if or which of these functions it had.

Well I have just downloaded the successor of Everest Ultimate Edition which is no more, Aida64 Extreme Edition v2.30.1900 which appears to run OK but unfortunately it doesn't show much more than the free year 2004/2005 Aida32/Everest Home Edition: I only have GPU fan percentage load that is new under sensors but no GPU or HD temps, both of which I can see with Riva Tuner (for GPU) or Victoria (for HDD). :}

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Speedfan is freeware and Win 9x/ME is still supported. It is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info and show hard disk temperatures. SpeedFan supports SCSI disks too. ...

Are you saying this out of experience? On the basis of your post I downloaded speedfan again and it's business as usual with it, it recognizes no drives in my system. No IDE drive because I use the VIA IDE drivers instead of Microsoft's ones and no SATA/SCSI either as usual.

Hallo loblo,

yes out of experience. Nothing is perfect also Speedfan and HWMonitor. Speedfan 4.46 works on my current ME machines. Indeed it doesn't detect the hard disk at the VIA 6410 IDE RAID Controller of a MSI MS-7058 ( i915 chipset ) Board. My current machines are: 1. Asus P4 P800 VM (i865G) NV 5900XT Pata HardDisk // 2. MSI MS-7058 - 915P Combo (ICH6 / VIA 6410 IDE RAID Controller ) NV7600GT PATA HD // 3. AsRock M266A R3.0 ( VIA P4M266A ) NV 5900XT PATA HD // 4. MSI MS-7592 ( G41) NV7800GT SATA HD .... .

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ONGD - FREE - 7-Zip 9.20 http://www.7-zip.org/

I've just installed Adobe Flash Player version 9r280. Youtube has some problems in displaying buttons like the "change quality" one (480p, HD, etc.). Not a big deal but can anyone confirm this or suggest me another FP version? Thanks.


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I'm really surprised that 9.0.47 isn't working for you. I also use Opera - it's always been my favourite browser and I'm using the latest version 11.64 with Kernelex - and as I said in my last post Youtube works very well. Obviously there are many permutations and combinations of software on people's systems......................

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It does work, just it doesn't display the lower buttons:

pause, volume (the red volume bar does work but the volume icon doesn't), change quality, etc.

Current and total time does work though. Skipping to a given minute also does work. So youtube it's actually usable, but I would like to see those icons ^^

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This might be great for people who don't like bloated software.

Of course one will have to create batch files to automate the process.

From Windows 2003 Resouce Kit:

Microsoft CD ISO Burn Utility CDBURN.EXE 5.2.3790.0 (Commandline Tool)

Microsoft DVD Burn Utility DVDBURN.EXE 5.2.3790.0 (Commandline Tool)

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Virus and Spyware Scanners

$$$$ - Filseclab Twister AntiVirus 7.34.

$$$$ - Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel 3.6.

FREE - Filseclab Virut Removal Tool


FREE - Filseclab Personal Firewall Standard Edition 2.5.

FREE - Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition 3.0.


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Anyone tried to install the latest Opera 12 on a 98 system with KernelEx final?

When I click on check for updates I see that Opera 12 is ready for download and install, but I have refrained from doing so yet as 11.64 works fine at present.


Well I gave it a go, not by installing directly from the exe file but exactly the same way as I did for 11.64, this time however every time on executing the program a crash error reported about opera wrapper or something, but after hitting close on that error the program still opened, but the Flash that operates with 11.64 and is recognised by such doesn't work with Opera12.00

I may have kept it if it hadn't been for the Flash issue as my Flash works well on 11.64, so I eventually after a few attempts to fix it in the Opera 12.00 config then I deleted the data in the Opera 12.00 folder in program files where I created it, and also in the system folder where it is auto created on execution of the program itself.

Now if anyone has anyway of fixing these issues I will be very glad to hear it, otherwise I stick with the browsers I have on my profile.


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I too think that we will have to settle with Opera 11.64 as the last that will work sensibly.

I am actually using Opera 12 to post this reply (Win98SE+KernelEx4.5.2), BUT there is much that is a pain:

- Plug-in wrapper crashes on launch

- default support from KernelEx shows web pages, but the menu system has largely vanished

- Windows 2000 SP4 support from KernelEx has the menu system, but only shows blank pages

- clearly compiled with a Windows 2000 or later compiler, it will not print (for all the reasons that have been discussed at length elsewhere.

All in all, Opera 12 seems to be a non-starter.


PS If relevant, it was Opera-USB 12 that I unzipped to a suitable drive, and ran.

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