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Everything posted by UltimateSilence

  1. Classic Shell 4.0

    Thank you, xpclient! Much of Windows wouldn't be the same without Classic Shell.
  2. Compatible disk diagnostic tools

    Hello, I am looking for a compatible disk diagnostic tool(s) for Windows 98SE ( ). I am aware of ScanDisk and I have already run a full scan in DOS; no errors were found. But for some reason, I hear this "click" every few minutes, and I just want to be sure.
  3. Sonic & Knuckles Collection not working on Dell OptiPlex GX150

    Have you tried any of these options?
  4. Very slow boot

    Hello, I am having trouble with a Windows Vista installation... it takes a very long while to boot. I have run a complete chkdsk, defragmented the HDD, and scanned for malware but the problem persists.
  5. Very slow boot

    Would you please be so kind to post the link?
  6. Very slow boot

    The download link of the SDK does not offer the required feature for Vista.
  7. IE 9 Shortcut on desktop stopped working

    Try to create a shortcut of the executable, not a shortcut of the shortcut... Navigate to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe and create a shortcut to the desktop from there.
  8. Sonic & Knuckles Collection not working on Dell OptiPlex GX150

    I've actually made it work on Vista by installing it in Windows 98 compatibility mode... Leaflame, I am not sure which version you are using, but there should be a couple of options for sound/video in the file menu. I will have to get back to you. EDIT: Reinstalled it today on Vista, and it works without compatibility mode! Will send screenshots of options later, hopefully they will be of assistance.
  9. Sonic & Knuckles Collection not working on Dell OptiPlex GX150

    LeaflameSD, did you ever resolve your issue?
  10. Does anyone still have this Windows 98 patch?

    Is this it? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/256015 http://download.microsoft.com/download/win98SE/Update/6467/W98/EN-US/256015USA8.EXE
  11. Internet Explorer 11 (Updated 13/02/2018)

    I really hope they restore the Stop button instead of retaining it, the Go, and the Refresh buttons as one...
  12. IIRC, click on your name on the Hotmail page. Signing out of Messenger should prevent the window from opening again.
  13. Compatible disk diagnostic tools

    You hear a click every few minutes? Backup and replace the disk ASAP. I'm not even sure if it's the disk making the noise... If there is a problem, wouldn't ScanDisk have 'found' anything?
  14. Windows Mail tab problem

    Did you find a solution to your problem, Sophy?
  15. Internet Explorer 11 (Updated 13/02/2018)

    The aesthetics are so basic. It feels like Windows 3.1. Although...it does feel significantly faster on the Pentium 4 desktop downstairs. I wonder if there's a way to get it running on Vista?
  16. Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

    I couldn't agree more.
  17. Happy sixth birthday, Windows Vista

    Happy sixth birthday, Windows Vista!
  18. Happy sixth birthday, Windows Vista

    Why's that? Please share! Andre, I'm sorry. I never saw the compile date of RTM. No Metro!
  19. Does Anyone Else Still Prefer Vista?

    Like... Customizable Control Panel, Classic Start menu (if desired), Overlay icons for shared items, The ability to turn off Auto-Arrange and Align to Grid in Windows Explorer, No "Never combine" taskbar stupidity, Real Parental Controls, Much better Windows Defender (with Software Explorer), Windows Media Player toolbar, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Mail, ??? And it is simply gorgeous.
  20. Ways to get back the Start Menu/Button in Win8

    Wow, even IObit made a Start Menu program? Nothing wrong with having the option. That way every user gets what they want..
  21. Microsoft is almost dead.

    Windows 7 is not just XP with eye-candy (I *hate* it when people say that...they said the same thing about Vista ) It's built on the secure foundation of Windows Vista! And Aero isn't just "eye-candy". Though I'll admit that it is pleasing to look at!
  22. Judging by this. perhaps Internet Explorer 10 will be the last version to support it?
  23. Why Windows Vista (SP1+) is Better Than Windows 7 IMHO, it is a very fine article. I hope it was alright to post this.
  24. I've been using WLM 2011 and 2012 extensively for the past three days...There doesn't seem to be a difference between the two. I wish that 2012 supported Windows Vista though. Ridiculous.
  25. Windows Vista's Windows Defender

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to get Windows Vista's version of Windows Defender running in Windows 7? I do not like 7's version as it removed too many features. Having the "old" version would make the experience in 7 more enjoyable for me. Thank you all for your time. EDIT: I copied the Windows Defender folder from the Program Files directory in Windows Vista, and placed it in the Windows 7 folder of the same name. There is only one issue... It cannot check for updates. Error code 0x80040155.