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  1. I discovered by accident (I was looking for something else) that on the following webpage http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/dn481339 if you go about halfway down the page you come to Search by Product or Componentand from the Product/Component dropdown list you can select Win 95 or 98 or 98se or even 3.1 and many Windows and other Microsoft Updates can be obtained going back to the mid 1990's. Apologies if this is already well known to everybody except me!
  2. You can use CCleaner - 2.36 from FileHippo is the last to work on Win 98 - and add C:\Windows\Temp as an Include in it's Options.
  3. I've been using a Belkin F5D7000 for several years on a Dell Dimension XPS T450 desktop (1999 vintage) running Win98se and it works very well - connects in wireless-g mode to my Dlink DIR-655 router.
  4. I could not get the latest (2.2) "regular" version of SumatraPDF to install with Kernelex, but in the SumatraPDF forum I found a link to a version of 2.2 which is compiled for Windows 2000. I installed it and ran it using Kex 2000 sp4 compatibility mode and it works very well. It even installs as an option a PDF plugin for Opera which works as well. Here is the link: http://www.zeniko.ch/#SumatraPDF
  5. I use a Belkin F5D7000 - it has WPA-PSK security.
  6. Yes - Opera 12.02 seems to work well - use Kernelex in 2000 mode. It's the first since 11.64 that does, all down to removing the plugin wrapper. Probably the last so treasure it!
  7. Sometimes I see an option for 480p but usually it is 360p, which seems pretty good quality to me.
  8. I was using one called YouTube Downloader, by flaviobayer, but out of curiosity I have now tried the one you are using and it seems pretty much the same, with a Download button where you can choose format and resolution for downloading. There are lots of them - just go to the Get Extensions page in Opera and search for YouTube and loads of them come up. I've tried a few and yours is as good as any. There's another one I've used called ExtendTube that gives you other facilities as well as a download button.
  9. Hi frogman - glad to have been of assistance! Yes I also use Opera 11.64. I don't use the same add-on for Youtube downloading as you found, but it looks very similar - there are several of them.
  10. Hi frogman - if what you want to end up with is an mp4 format video from Youtube then you don't need a converter program as there are extensions for Opera that download Youtube videos as mp4 files.
  11. Hi frogman - if what you want to end up with is an mp4 format video from Youtube then you don't need a converter program as there are extensions for Opera that download Youtube videos as mp4 files.
  12. The latest version of GOM Player, released today, works beautifully under Win 98SE. IMHO it's the best video player still fully compatible with Win 98SE.
  13. PDF Xchange Viewer 2.5.204 works fine with Win98se with Kernelex - use Win 2000 SP4 comp mode. Opens PDF files both natively and from within Opera browser.
  14. Latest release of PDF Xchange Viewer 2.5.203 works fine with Win 98SE with Kernelex - use 2000 sp4 compatability mode when running setup.
  15. @255: I'm really surprised that 9.0.47 isn't working for you. I also use Opera - it's always been my favourite browser and I'm using the latest version 11.64 with Kernelex - and as I said in my last post Youtube works very well. Obviously there are many permutations and combinations of software on people's systems......................
  16. I am using a Belkin F5D7000 wireless card and it works very well.
  17. Hi Frogman - that's good it's working for you. Yes, I also use the high priority setting which definitely gives better playback.
  18. Try using Gom Player - the latest version works on Win98se without even needing Kernelex (although I do have Kex on my system) and it plays any video file (avi, wmv, mp4, flv, mkv, whatever) with very good quality without any external codecs required.
  19. I use Pale Moon 3.6 with Kernelex in XP2 compatibility mode (as per Kex wiki) and it works fine. I also use Opera (always latest release), Kex 2000 mode, and that works fine. With Flash player 9.0.47 installed I can view Youtube videos very well as well.
  20. And Pale Moon 3.6.26 is even faster and just as stable
  21. Yes, I have upgraded to Opera 11.60 installing it and running it with Win 2000 compatibility under Kernelex - it works fine.
  22. I hadn't but I have now and regret to report that it's still crashing. IE version is IE 6 SP1 - not that we actually use it, but it's there. I think that when I get a bit of time I will completely wipe the system and start over with a clean install of 98se, SP3, KernelEx and Revolutions Pack. Does it matter which order I do them in?
  23. I hate to say this but I have replaced the existing mlang.dll with version 2800.1106 and nothing has changed - both IE and Outlook XP still crash..
  24. Hi supem, I have attached a screen print of what happens when I try to run Outlook XP. As I said it was working fine under Win 98se with SP 2.1a, KernelEx and Revolutions Pack. It's only started failing since installing SP3.

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