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  1. I have occasionally been receiving this error message on windows 7 laptop, is there anyway to stop it permanently? and what could be causing it?
  2. This is just a test post. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  3. Oh, I wasn't aware of the fix it site, you wouldn't by chance have a link to this?Thanks for your reply. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  4. Not keen on VLC as it's bad for clipping the beginning of tracks.. Why don't I see Windows Media Player in the Uninstall or change a program list? Windows live essentials shows. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  5. I was able to cancel the reservation that I had made as I found out it would have caused display issues with the laptop. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  6. Has Avast 4.8 eventually dropped support for Windows 98? Interesting to read about the boot up time, I thought it was just me.
  7. I suppose I really want to know if it is possible to strip the Redbook layer in order to extract and copy as an Audio CD.
  8. Hmmm, i'll need to read up a bit more on this.
  9. Is there a version of Nero that is capable of burning an SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) surround sound disc. If not Nero then any software? Also I suppose it may require a certain type of CD writer.
  10. I did a repair of Windows live programs, unsure if this had anything to do with it. Played a couple of mp3s since and they played without a hitch. Where is the features to uninstall as Windows Media Player isn't showing in the add remove list.
  11. Yeah I think you're right. Where would I have found a clean version of WMP for Windows 7 starter?
  12. Downloaded the VLC player and it resolved the issue.
  13. On a Windows 7 starter Netbook and using the Windows Media Player that came with it I am noticing that when I play mp3 files when each file gets near to the end with about say 20 or so seconds to go the audio appears to falter.stop for a sec or two then resume to the end of the track, why is this I am asking and has anyone else found the very same issue? I would say which version of windows media player it is but I don't see anywhere where I can find this information, not in the help section and the player isn't showing in the add/remove programs section either, perhaps it's in the Windows live essentials, but that's another issue I suppose.
  14. Thank you Charlotte for that, and I agree what you say about the dead brick, lol On a similar subject, on this new PSU the motherboard 24 pin connector, well actually when I remove the little block of set of four which reduces it to 20 pin, I noticed that there is a pin missing, in other words there are only 19, like I say this is after the block is removed to take it down to the supposed 20 pin being that is what my MB supports, will the reason be similar to the sata connector would you think? I hope I am able to take out the old MB connector and be able to fit in the new one, I say this as someone kindly fitted my older PSU years ago, and he said he had problems connecting it and that he had to strip something down in order to get in, somehow I think I shouldn't have this problem and I shall give it a go once I have purchased a power splitter as the PSU doesn't have enough molex.
  15. Can any computer knowledgeable person help with a question I have regarding the number of gold pins that are on my Sata connector that is part of my PSU. As we know there are meant to be 15 pins, but on the Sumvision PSU there are only 12 with 3 slots vacant. It's isn't a fault with the PSU as I checked out another PSU of the same brand and it too has three vacant with a total of 12 pins If you look at numerous images on-line of a sata connector if you are lucky enough you will see 15 pins, in fact another brand of PSU today revealed 15 pins. So is it that Sumvision have built their PSU in a way that it doesn't require those particular 3 pins in that particular section of the Sata connector? I wont be actually using the Sata connector but I am just curious about this that's all.
  16. Hi, am not sure what you mean, is it actually possible to run the latest 11.8 flash on 98? like I say all I used to do was download the portable flash and extract nppdf32.dll and NPSWF32.dll both with KernelEx enabled, then place them both in the macromedia system folder, and normally the newly version would show on the adobe flash player test version site, but that doesn't seem to work now, so I seem to be forced to use 11.6 EDIT, Sorry, I really meant to have posted this on the thread below, but forgot I had been referred to this thread and posted it here in error, please move it there if need be. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/156028-new-flash-player-112202228/page-5
  17. It's an Athlon 1Ghz processor I have which is around 12 years old. The problem really is that unless you know how many characters were used in the password you are trying to find then the time taken to find it could well be endless as you are required to set the parameters when using the Brute Force option, and the more there is the longer it will take. When I did the test I made a password with the letter a and the program found it but it brought it up as A, which is fine if it's a short PW, however if it's a long password then it might take a while to decide which characters will be in upper case or lover case, perhaps it's a bug with the program.
  18. Although this program didn't find the password as I didn't have the time to leave it checking I did do a test on it and it found a password I had created myself on a personal rar archive I made myself. The program is called Appnimi RAR Password Unlocker and users are prompted to download version 2.3, like I say it seems to work on Windows 98 S.E
  19. That program mentions passwords for zip files but no mention of rar files, does it do password retrieval for rar files too do you know? Anyway did you get my PM?
  20. Does this program actually have the ability to find passwords on rar files?
  21. I knew it wouldn't be easy, thanks anyway.
  22. I have a particular .RAR file that I have forgotten the password for, is there program that works for Windows 98 that I could use that would retrieve the password? My version of Winrar is 3.30

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