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  1. I have interest in ACPI, Windows XP running on newer hardware. But the problem is that the sound is not working. Can I edit inf to add a string? Afraid that there will be many problems. For example, my Hardware code If I can, I'll give it a try.
  2. Hello, I want to recreate the Microsoft Windows Update v3/v4/v5 sites in local with all the elements. I know the Wayback Machine Downloader to do this but I can't find any pages of this site on web.archive.org. So, can you help me doing that project? Note: this is a public project, anyone can participate, but pls, don't share other Windows Update sites than v3, v4, v5 or v6.
  3. We all know that Windows XP will not be able to run Office 2013.However,with the use of one core api,it can be possible. Here is some tests i made.Sadly currently no apps can run properly.I tried to disable rollback feature in order to force the windows installer to install the files.The installer did run properly and installed the files that office 2013 requires.However,all office application crashed after launching. https://imgur.com/a/m6CCVnJ Weirdly,Microsoft Update is able to detect the Updates of Office 2013 and the updates can be installed properly through Microsoft Update https://imgur.com/a/iMZslJj https://imgur.com/a/L0pcQ2t
  4. Hi - When I launch MS Word 2010 on my Windows XP (SP3), I get the following message: The procedure entry point GetFinalPathNameByHandleW could not be located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll As a result, I am unable to open any Word documents. In fact, this message is applicable to Excel, PPT applications as well. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
  5. Hi! I've wanted to reset my old laptop to its original OS, Windows XP. When I download the distribution, burn it onto the disc, and try to start installation, it's just stuck on a black screen with a blinking cursor. If I will try to burn it to a flash drive, it starts the setup normally, but doesn't detect any hard drives. Fortunately, I've found the original restoration disc for my machine, downloaded it, and burned onto a disc, and it starts normally to the moment "Setup is starting Windows". Then it just bluescreens with error "STOP: c0000221 Unknown hard error %SystemRoot%\System32\ntdll.dll". If I try to use the flash drive, then it doesn't load the setup, and just comes with an error "Error loading operating system". What can I do? Computer specs: Name: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro Edition V3405 CPU: Intel Celeron M 440 1.86 GHZ RAM: 512MB Hard disk: 60GB DVD Drive PCMCIA card slot Thanks!
  6. This improvement is rare. I have a plan to make an addon for multiple languages based on the original ricktendo addon. Anyone have this update for multiple languages? I am now finished building windows xp tablet pc edition 2005 addon for multi language. and works fine If you want, the link is on the My Discord Server. Support for : RVM Integrator https://discord.gg/Q9dsSZQRAp
  7. where can I find a collection of update up until 2014 For XP? Ive looked all over and cant find any place to download them if any one here knows a place to download these it would be greatly appreciated (I'm also working on making a windows xp vm with these updates)-legacyfan
  8. I tried to unpack rar archive using Winrar 4.20. No success. I have attached archive to check. Report to me software and version if you unpacke it successfully. http://filedropper.com/adkai6m8
  9. now someone please explain how the presentation is done and Only those who know code write please how this is possible please tell me someone
  10. Hello everyone Can anyone fix this bug or have the ability to mine Windows files? This is a problem that has been left for a long time. and no one noticed MUI It shows incorrect memory values in Task manager or you will look in. normal Bug From my test as follows -Affected Languages French (France) Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Spanish (International Sort) - espanol Danish Russian Portuguese (Portugal) Latvian Lithuanian Slovenian Thai -unaffected language Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese Korean Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Nederlands (Nederland) - Dutch Hebrew Portuguese (Brazil) Swedish Czech Finnish Norwegian (Bokmal) Greek Hungarian Polish Turkish Bulgarian Croatian Romanian Slovak Estonian Server 2003 non r2 is also affected Server 2003 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Spanish - espanol Portuguese (Portugal) Russian -unaffected language Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese Korean Dutch French (France) Portuguese (Brazil) Swedish Czech Hungarian Polish Turkish Arabic Danish Finnish Greek Hebrew Norwegian (Bokmal) R2 Version -Affected Languages Spanish - espanol Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Russian Portuguese (Portugal) -unaffected language French (France) Japanese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Dutch Portuguese (Brazil) Czech Polish Hungarian Turkish r2 x64 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Spanish - espanol Italian (Italy) Russian -unaffected language Japanese French (France) Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Portuguese (Brazil) Windows XP x64 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Spanish - espanol Italian (Italy) Russian Form (Server2003R2) -unaffected language Japanese French (France) Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Portuguese (Brazil) I've tested the MUI bug on XP. whether programs, even games, read the memory correctly or not It's causing my game to read the memory incorrectly. normal bug https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t_endgD6HVf1F1mBy1y7DNnz_BxA3lts?usp=sharing The MUI Pack that I use is the normal version without N suffix. Has anyone had experience with fixing this bug? MUI_WXM_CD1.iso MUI_WXM_CD2.iso MUI_WXM_CD3.iso MUI_WXM_CD4.iso MUI_WXM_CD5.iso This is a major problem MS doesn't notice. Server 2003 non-r2 mui https://mega.nz/folder/2EhWXBqT#_Zzbh7oH9M4AWyFHO_rDKw
  11. Hi, I would like to know if there is any way to get Windows Media Player 11 of XP to run in Windows Server 2003. Or is there any addon which is the best? That also includes the POSReady 2009 update. YumeYao's addon seems outdated. I'm trying to find the missing version of YumeYao version 3.5.1 update by adric can someone help me?
  12. Since there's not much info out there on the web unless you spend a considerable amount of time googling, I thought i'd post the solution so more people can find it quickly. Update Late 2019: Several months after i posted this Microsoft fixed the problem but I believe it was a side effect of them updating their certificates due to an industry shift, so there’s no guarantee they will continue work in future also in the last update i mentioned a batch file, I ended up getting busy and my adhd made me forget, I’ll still post it once I get organised and find it again as it’s useful. Update: The latest problem with activation affects both XP and Vista however it’s relatively easy to fix, you need to update your root Certificates (The same issue causes problems browsing the net too) I have created a Batch script that will download and update the Root Certificates accordingly but it will be a couple of days before I can post it. Below is the Original Fix I posted Turns out it's exceedingly easy to restore Windows XP Online Activation Open the Start Menu Right Click on Internet and choose "Internet Properties" Goto the Advanced Tab Scroll down near the bottom to the Security Section and uncheck both: "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" "Check for server certificate revocation" Now you can activate online as normal or use the "Windows XP Product Key Change Tool" I would reccomend re-enabling both options afterwards even if you dont use Internet Exploder (which you REALLY REALLY should not be) If you’re still having problems: I highly recommend downloading the “Windows XP Product Key Change Tool” it’s an official Microsoft tool and you should be able to download it from majorgeeks worked in every other instance for me where the built in one didn’t. (And in think it also lets you use different type of keys from the media the OS was installed from, such as Retail on OEM and such) Also make sure your clock is set correctly (A common source of TLS problems)
  13. Microsoft officially doenot made any directX 10/11 for xp but here is unofficial version which works properly Download Setup; Download Modes and update: Please comment about your experience
  14. It's The best of both worlds. We could have the full feel of windows XP but still be compatible with new drivers and programs. I've asked before on different places but they've just said it was impossible, which I highly doubt. looking at explorer.exe with depends.exe, the only thing that fails it from laucnhing without compatibility mode on windows 7 1701 is shunimpl.dll. For explanation on shunimpl go here: https://www.geoffchappell.com/studies/windows/ie/browseui/index.htm Basically shlwapi and other things forward old calls to shunimpl, but shunimpl doesn't actually do anything but fail it, causing explorer to instantly fail. The only thing compatibility mode does is make it so it doesn't auto crash. I was able to get XP's explorer partly working without compatibility mode by taking a random dll like browseui and renaming it shunimpl.dll and putting it in system32. Since shell32 and others already dll proxy to shunimpl, I believe you could easily point it to an older DLL and gain all those missing functions, but that's above me. The next thing is the registry. I was able to make a winpe with win7pe builder and have the shell registry be that of livexp's explorer script one. It installed and ran but for some reason explorer.exe doesn't work on the winpe one even though it does on the normal 7 build which used the same iso. I've also tried putting explorer.exe in system32 of xp's and using explorer.exe.local and had slight success when running it in depends.exe. I believe if someone was to do this properly they'd need windows server core since it has no full shell to being with but idk. I haven't tested on windows 10 yet but iirc explorer.exe also worked on it but broken still with compatibility mode. These are all my findings. I just really want someone with better knowledge than me to work on this, it would be a dream come true for all the XP fans. btw no I don't accept any of the fake crap like reactos or classicshell. What I want is a true experience, with the full classic file explorer n all. If anyone decides to work on this, use x64 xp or server instead of 32 bit.
  15. Hello MSFN Forum people, today I modified the OnePiece addon script, this is my first time. I have noticed that the installer of Flash player China has spyware and adware popups and will help test if there is a problem. Flash It is necessary for the screen saver (that uses SWF files). I've removed some things that the Chinese version doesn't have. activex.vch FlashPUS.exe (flash player update service) For those who want to experiment (edit scriptaddon by me) v34.0.0.201 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l9_RDtVf3wcLZHKxEYcT1dcB-9QfIwwT/view?usp=sharing normal version did not modify the script (v32.0.0.465) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T88Hz3NFePT_V5r12mficW11DlbwXwii/view?usp=sharing I'm still not good editing files, please advise. Thanks for the original script. OnePiece's ( Flash Player ActiveX multiOS True Addon Maker)
  16. Does anyone know how to get Windows XP drivers working on Windows 2000? I have heard from several people, blackwingcat included that these should work with the Extended Kernel and Extended Core, but I have had no luck getting any of them to work on my Dell Latitude E6530, even blackwingcat's custom made Intel HD 4000 graphics driver (If I run setup.exe, I get The procedure entry point GetSystemWow64DirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dl. If I use Device Manager to install the .inf, I get a code 31 upon restart). Does anyone know how to get the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver working along with other Windows XP drivers? To set it up, I used the tutorial embedded below along with the ISO he provided in the description (I did not do anything with the second link below the ISO, which just takes me to a place to integrate all the updates, which appears to not be needed with his Windows 2000 2011 ISO) to setup Windows 2000 as well as the Extended Kernel and Extended Core. Thanks in advanced for your help! I should also note that I got USB working on this machine, so I can do a USB wi-fi/ethernet dongle if needed to further update the machine.
  17. Sorry, I'm not good at English. I'm starting to wonder about this vulnerability. because I found the published document If I continue to use Windows XP in my laptop because it is used to play old games and some software that doesn't work on Windows 10, I'm really worried about this problem. https://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/vulnerability/CVE-2019-1489
  18. i m planning on doing a duel boot with xp/vista on the same hard drive and would like an idea on how to do this without breaking the other one what is the best way to do this? any help would be appreciated
  19. Is there any mod that allows the installation of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows XP?
  20. There is a way to change the Windows XP System web browser to another browser to increase compatibility between programs that use the system web browser?. Like the cherry player when I go to login it opens a page in the system's web browser but the xp web browser does not support the google login page, by chance I would have to change the system web browser for a browser like Palemoon, Firefox or Chrome , or some way to update this web browser?
  21. Hey all I have been at this for several months now. I currently own a Intel Computestick model which has an atom processor and 2GB of ram. I understand that when Windows XP was out there was no such thing as a UEFI boot. I have added the needed SATA drivers in order for it to find the SSD inside it. Problem being is that it just wont boot into the windows xp setup at all naturally because its UEFI only. The computestick I am using for this wonderful experiment is the STCK1A32WFC. But there has to be some type of way of doing this! A lot of my very very old programs will only work in XP and I purchased these computesticks for that single purpose - installing windows XP on. The computestick does not have a legacy BIOS option sadly, So simply changing to Legacy BIOS in the BIOS is not an option. I have tried it out (the ISO) in virtualbox and it works just fine - in legacy mode naturally. The bios screen looks like this: It has an option of either Windows 8.1/10 32-bit mode or Ubuntu 64-bit mode. Most of the time if I make a Windows XP boot USB via Rufus it boots fine in Windows 8.1/10 mode using GPT and UEFI selected. When I try running, say Ventoy, it will only boot up the windows xp iso using the Ubuntu 64-bit option (since ventoy is linux based menu). Trying to boot from the USB drive using Rufus doing MBR with BIOS (or UEFI-CSM) something like Windows-XP-Professional-Incl-SATA-Drivers.iso does not bring anything up for either option. I hear its possible to get windows XP to boot in UEFI using some vista beta files which is explained in more detail here But I am unable to follow it. I understand Windows XP can not boot from a GTP partition and UEFI. BUT there has to be something that can do it out there! It would be awesome if a guru could help out with getting this Windows XP onto this stick!!!
  22. Hello, I currently work on dual machines due to nature of my work, 1 is a retina imac and the other windows 10 with i5 and 1660TI both systems maxed out on rams and hdds. I have couple of computers more and my home/office runs on a file/media/Automation server 24x7 with wired network on cat6 and wifi hotspots. BUT... Out of Nostalgia, I am building windows 98 cpu(S) and i did not have all the components so i went out and got these (half of them are in shipping from around the world) so please suggest anything that you think will help. I will keep everyone updated here on the progress. HW coming in and present: MOTHERBOARDS: GIGABYTE GA-945GCMX-S2 refurbished ASUS P5B-VM 2pcs NEW SRARE MOTHERBOARDS: Intel DG31PR , Zebronics G41 and ICH7 with pciex16 and 1x ports, ami bios, i got windows 98 running on this for experiments PROCESSORS: P4 3.2 and 3.0 NEW tray, from last generation, C2D E8400, C2D E7500 Both refurb. /edit: added E5800 GRAPHICS CARDS: All on PCIe, 6600 vanilla X 1pc, 6600 GT with arctic cooler, 6600 GT with asus silencer cooling, the one that has turnable heat sink /edit: added 6800 vanilla HDD: ADATA SU - 120GB (formatted 40 and 80gb and 256 (for winxp dual)) SOUND CARD: SB0240 Audigy 2, one more spare card that is no brand but works on windows 98 RAM: simtronics 1GB x 2 sticks at 800mhz DDR2, NEW. Spare 2 sticks of 1GB each. SATA DVD writer Monitor: 17 inch 4:3 LCD Samsung, will get 19 inch 4:3 Dell? OTHERS: elite 361 cabinet was spare, so using it (update: switched to a bigger case for a more airy build, from coolermaster). The asus silencer does not fit, so waiting for the arctic cooler model, working with open case till then. PSU is corsair 550CV, SATA to IDE converter, SATA><IDE two way converter, 2X pci 1x lan cards that have win98 drivers, GOTEK floppy emulator, darn cannot find a floppy connector, hope it comes with motherboards that are on the way. I have read the forums and understand that i have to use non official chipset drivers and do some patching.
  23. Hi, I read that the System Restore only goes back 90-days. Indeed when I run the System Restore tool from System Tools, I can only go back until March-2020. Is there a way to restore back to Oct-2019? If so how? Do I just run System Restore 3-times? Thanks
  24. Not sure if it's OK for a new user to post something like that, but I really want to share this with as many as possible, so... Hello and welcome! Allow me to present my own... Unofficial Cumulative Windows XP Update It allows you to completely update your Windows XP computer, even if it doesn't have any Service Packs installed! The purpose of its creation was to collect all released updates, implement a user-friendly mechanism that installs them automatically, and release it as a single package. The mechanism works similiar to the actual Windows Updates, except you can also update offline computers and as many as you want, without having to download updates every time! Contents: Service Pack 1a (for XP RTM/SP0) Service Pack 3 Internet Explorer 8 Windows Media Player 11 .NET Framework 1.1 & SP1 & updates .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (has .NET 2.0 SP2 and .NET 3.0 SP2 in itself) & updates .NET Framework 4.0 & updates DirectX Redist June 2010 (final) and November 2007 (for antiques with non-SSE compliant CPU, e.g. Pentium II, AMD K6) Firefox 52.9.0 (final) and 45.9.0 (for non-SSE2 compliant CPUs, e.g. Pentium III, Athlon XP) Updates for Windows XP, Media Center Edition 2005, and POSReady 2009 Download links Checksums MD5: 127B18741B543271A6C2CAA3478E8B5C SHA-1: 02A7B1D39620498CF2E0CDABD8C19138E5DC2E8E SHA-256: ABDDF9BBC20928454865154CD0D3B83FCFF960A049648925AF6E29187FFFA79C SHA-512: CEF5498B7D43EF29D6655340A0860890539C5D2DE9C61A73E8B5C45D0A9E6F05E2B73C0715D97B8A85621A9E38ABEB7B9FF1AFD5D7FF438D0A1E5B020C6859F5 And now some history! I was developing this update pack since September 2017. It first appeared on my personal blog Świat według Kuby as a combined version that supported English, Polish, and German languages. I was inspired by similar update packs for other Windows OSes, i.e. Auto Patcher for Windows 98SE and UpdatePack7R2. My aim was also to provide something for localizations other than English. Up to XP it was a huge problem, especially for my national language - Polish. Availability of update packs for this localization was in general very little. The blog has been closed on September 2018. Having realized that the first version was flawed, yet it gained some interest while my blog was still on the Web, I decided to return to its development. It reappeared on other forums on December 2018. Since then it collected positive feedback and I was releasing new versions from time to time, which featured bug fixes and sometimes new features. What you see here is the final version released on December 29th, 2019, perfected to its finest in my opinion. Enjoy! Any comments are welcome!
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