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  1. hi! i'm a newbie on Windows Home Server. i just want to ask if i add my current 640gb with all my files on it to WHS, will all of its contents be erased? i don't have additional drives to backup all of it's contents and i just want to have all of my files centralized so i can access it anytime without the risk of losing it just by plugging it i've read that if you add drive, it will ask if you want it to be added to WHS space. if you answered yes, the drive will be formatted. thanks.
  2. i've read that there are some problems with 4 x 1gb and that 2x2gb generates less heat
  3. thanks guys. but what's the advantage of using 800 over 667?
  4. yap. mb is dual channel capable so is the mems. i can overclock my proc to 3.2 using 400 fsb x 8.
  5. please help me decide - should i get 2 x 2gb DDR2 667 or should i just stick with 1 x 2gb DDR2 800 for the moment. what's the advantage / disadvantage / benefits... i'm using e6750 & p5b deluxe
  6. i also have a similar problem. i've set my sata hd to ide mode xp setup hangs when detecting the hdd. vista installs flawlessly. but i want to go back to xp. please help. i've checked my mems and they're all ok. i have an asus p5b deluxe 1221 bios. e6750. 2gb geil ddr2 800. i'm using an 80gb sata hd. btw, i also tried a ghost image of xp, but it hangs before logon. and there's no way in installing any kind of xp-from vanilla to updated xp with integrated drivers in this machine. it hangs everytime during hdd detection.
  7. i did update the bios to the latest one. i've also integrated ahci/raid drivers to the xpcd since i don't have a floppy. from what i've read, it must be the buggy jmicron controller. i want to try the universal restore also from acronis but since xp can't detect any hd, i'm stuck with vista. even linux would'nt boot. i've tried chaning ide mode from ide to ahci to raid and still no luck.
  8. hello. i can't seem to be able to install xp on asus p5b deluxe with sata hd. vista installs fine but i want to go back to xp. i've tried changing hd modes from ide to ahci, and enabling/disabling some bios feature. i've only connected the primary hd which is an hitachi 80gb sata and the dvdrw. when xp installer comes to the hd part, it freezes. i've tried using acronis dd10 bootdisk and it says no hd available. the xp i'm using is slipstreamed with nlite and driverpack. i've also tried the untouched orig xp cd but still no luck. please help. thanks in advance. E6750 (default speeds) 2gb ddr800 1 80gb hd 1 300gb hd hd2600pro
  9. can you help me also regarding vmware 6 installation. everytime i install it, and goes to the part - writing registry error - the installation rolls back. please help.
  10. hi! where can i find vista update pack? i found one before but the update are only 'til feb. the can integrate directly into vista dvd.
  11. i'm just wondering, if i made a clone/image of a pc and i want to transfer it to other pc, does ut have to be the same type of hardware, e.g., an radeon vc transfer to a pc w/ geforce or diff mb chipset.
  12. is it true that the rtm contains a boot logo and all of the updates integrated?
  13. hi! i would like to ask what's the difference between vista rtm & vista retail? the retail size is 2.53gb while the rtm is 2.49gb.
  14. i've found a solution to the bsod. anyway, i used to have norton av 2007 installed, d-tools. when i've uninstalled norton, all went fine. maybe it's the av that's causing the problem. hope it helps.
  15. i've got the same problem. when i launch vlite and choose the vista version, bsod appears ntfs.sys error.

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