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  1. alternative programs like xpize?

    fast answer! thanks i'll check that out.
  2. alternative programs like xpize?

    That's right, is there any similar program like xpize that changes some winxp aspects without background process? because i've tried others, and they need some running processes on background, Xpize does not. I ask this because i've been experimented some issues using Xpize and Dark, i uninstall'em both, but the logon screen didn't change, plus i got problems with some programs, like ccleaner and ie7 i had to reinstall both so. i'm looking for some alternative program that does the same as xpize, without running on background processes. Peace.
  3. Can any of you guys link me a MUI for windows server 2003 please? I NEED THE SPANISH ONE ONLY. when i installed windows server 2003 only came with english language...i need spanish.. i can't find it.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeasee. peace
  4. svchost.exe 99% CPU usage

    didnt work..........CRAP!
  5. svchost.exe 99% CPU usage

    if automatic updates is the problem, how can i solve it without disabling it? cause if i do, i'll get the security windows message.... is there any patch or something ? peace.
  6. Maybe its already posted..............or maybe not.. is there any way to put all drivers i need together into one driversetup.exe file (ethernet, monitor, video card, sound card, codecs and anything related to drivers) the idea is to skip up all the install processes one by one. any answer will be read, peace!
  7. Customizing the Welcome (logon) Screen

    how'd you edit logonui.exe is there any app or just with notepad? newbie question i know! peace.
  8. svchost.exe 99% CPU usage

    thanks for the replys guys, i'll do it. Peace.
  9. That's right... while playing CS i get low fps i minimize then Ctrl+alt+del and it says svchost.exe uses 99% of CPU. check this out Is there any way to solve this problem forever? Peace!
  10. That's right people, my first post. I'd like to know which is the best windows xp 100% optimized + patches, hacked files, etc, all included. i have a decent pc, so i dont need a win lite version for slow a** pc's. my specs: athlon xp 2000+, 512ram, ati 9600xt. Any recommendations? Peace! Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic