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  1. For any of You (Us) aroung the US Coast, and anyone else interested, this is a very cool and handy tool to have around. I used it all of last year to keep tabs on the storm goings on. This is the new one for this year From the Harris County Flood Control District (Houston, Tx. area). Hope you like it and hope it helps... Download from here: http://www.hcfcd.org/hurricanetracker/dl_tracker.html Feel free to share the wealth and the knowledge.
  2. XP Pro Suse 10 Xandros 3 Ubuntu 5.10 Elive
  3. Welcome to MSFN. Good luck staying on the Wagon...
  4. Have you run Spybot on the system? If not I would suggest doing so.
  5. Thought some might like to see this... http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...ct=windowsxpsp2
  6. Personally I like ZIP drives. Use em all the time. BTW those USB "Thumb drives, Flash drives, Memory keys..." whatever you want to call them are/can be bootable as long as your bios will support booting to USB.
  7. A primo staff makes it and keeps it what it is.
  8. I may have to build one of my own...
  9. rik


    Welcome to MSFN
  10. Looks like that is a sound driver. I assume your system has onboard sound? Other people have the same error with the same file as well. You might try just disabling the sound driver and running Windows for a couple of hours to see what happens... http://www.google.com/search?q=%22ALCXSENS%2eSYS%20%22
  11. rik

    how is my sig...

    Yup me too...I also get tired of knowing what people are listening to. BTW Doggie, Your sig/avatar looks great.
  12. Have a great day Pia...

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