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  1. Uhuh! I wouldn't disable DEP unless necessary. But if u need to then do it.
  2. Oooh, forgot bout SP2.CAB. I never edit SP2.CAB. It is better to make a sfx archive in cmdlines.txt to avoid repacking 400mb or so. Edit: I think SP1 might be deleted? Or edited and renamed to SP2.cab?
  3. change this part near the top [SourceDisksNames.x86] 1 = %cdname%,%cdtagfilei%,,\i386 2 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\tabletpc\i386 3 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\mediactr\i386 4 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\netfx\i386 100 = %spcdname%,%spcdtagfilei%,,\i386,1 _1 = %bootname1%,"%boottagfile1%",,"" _2 = %bootname2%,"%boottagfile2%",,"" _3 = %bootname3%,"%boottagfile3%",,"" _4 = %bootname4%,"%boottagfile4%",,"" _5 = %bootname5%,"%boottagfile5%",,"" _6 = %bootname6%,"%boottagfile6%",,"" 1_ = %bootname1%,"%boottagfile1%",,"" 2_ = %bootname2%,"%boottagfile2%",,"" 3_ = %bootname3%,"%boottagfile3%",,"" 4_ = %bootname4%,"%boottagfile4%",,"" 5_ = %bootname5%,"%boottagfile5%",,"" 6_ = %bootname6%,"%boottagfile6%",,"" to this [SourceDisksNames.x86] 1 = %cdname%,%cdtagfilei%,,\abcdefg 2 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\tabletpc\i386 3 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\mediactr\i386 4 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\netfx\i386 100 = %spcdname%,%spcdtagfilei%,,\abcdefg,1 _1 = %bootname1%,"%boottagfile1%",,"" _2 = %bootname2%,"%boottagfile2%",,"" _3 = %bootname3%,"%boottagfile3%",,"" _4 = %bootname4%,"%boottagfile4%",,"" _5 = %bootname5%,"%boottagfile5%",,"" _6 = %bootname6%,"%boottagfile6%",,"" 1_ = %bootname1%,"%boottagfile1%",,"" 2_ = %bootname2%,"%boottagfile2%",,"" 3_ = %bootname3%,"%boottagfile3%",,"" 4_ = %bootname4%,"%boottagfile4%",,"" 5_ = %bootname5%,"%boottagfile5%",,"" 6_ = %bootname6%,"%boottagfile6%",,"" Where I've put abcdefg, change to desired i386 name.
  4. Doesn't work for me. Still asks even though the serial and company and name is there.
  5. T D

    Windows Path

    It doesn't prompt u for the install path if u multiboot on one partition, it makes folders called WINDOWS.00, Program Files.00, Documents and Settings.00 etc.
  6. Are ur winsock settings corrupt? http://cexx.org/lspfix.htm
  7. Or maybe he had AutoActivate=1 in winnt.sif to automatically activate over the internet on first logon but there's no connectivity?
  8. T D

    Shared Documents

    Maybe this? Link Hint: RegTweak This might help if ur still stuck.
  9. XP's wierd. Sometimes it does things. Big things. Like it made me think I had a virus when I was a noob and I formatted. But it was XP and it's heavy resource usage. If it's solved then u don't need to ask questions. But as an answer, XP is wierd.
  10. Don't host on rapidshare. Especially not a 500kb file. I have to wait 2 mins to download 500kb. No thanks! MSFN has a feature where u can attach files to posts. 2 mins later... are u sure it's cos of nlite? You didn't remove anything that could have interfered.
  11. T D

    Windows Path

    You could never choose the WINDOWS path on a original XPCD... not unless u used winnt.sif but it wouldn't be the original disc then...
  12. Go to Tools>Manage Addons and disable anything suspicious. I remember when my friend downloaded hotbar (a stupid thing to do) and it changed his cursor.
  13. Can you do a translation of the text in the error messages?
  14. What if we call our Documents and settings Users or something in winnt.sif?
  15. DON'T use %systemdrive% it won't work.Not under the [unattended] section. Always use "\...." Like No6 did under [unattended].
  16. A stripped down Vista I think.
  17. You can't. I've tried 12 different registry tweaks and I can't get it to register. So, I use AutoIt to automate the registration http://autoitscript.com/autoit3
  18. I think you have to hexedit setupldr.bin, txtsetup.sif, dosnet.inf and ur multiboot image. I think that's it.
  19. D.a.m.n... maybe we'll just have to wait for silent switches
  20. T D

    next nlite

    But if a comment or quote contains all the info u need to answer ur question... if it's there, we're not gonna tell u cos it's already been said
  21. Exactly. A lot of programs still work on 98se.
  22. Some tweaks are broken in nlite, u have to manually make .reg or .inf files and automatically import them. Did u read the unattended guide? Look for the link in my sig.
  23. Send me the files or url. Look at it like this. u have to makecab and replace 2 files. Easy. But then, u have to unpack a 300mb driver.cab, replace the files and repack it. Who has the time?
  24. T D

    next nlite

    It's out of beta stages. They weren't really betas like a new beta is out, would ulike to test it? but more like normal versions, buggy and becoming much less buggy as it got to RC8. And when it was pretty stable, it got a whole version number, ie, 1.0.
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