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  1. a smal update: i downloaded the files Sonic linked to. they didnt work. but i also downloaded a dell oem cd and uced all the oemfiles i found in the I386 folder and copied pidgen.dll, SETUPP.INI DPCDLL.DL from that cd to my retail one. and it worked . so now im finaly on a 100% legal system. so at last a BIIG thanks to: Sonic, severach, and bonestonne
  2. @Sonic: so i have noticed so a smal question: is there any out there that can help me get a hand on those files? i bougth a cd repair kit, but it didnt help my cd is too scrached to copy the files. but i got lucky and found the base of the old hp laptop (that laptop died during a car crash ) but atleast i have the oem cd cey for the hp win cd. so now im back on a genuine win xp bu its home edition and i want to uce my pro licence.
  3. first of all thanks for the help. but the old dell cd (oem cd) is so broken, that i cant read from it. but is it possible to uce the oembios files from a old hp xp home cd i have ?? or will the difference betven xp pro and xp home make this impossible. Edit: it didnt work. tryed to copy the files: PIDGEN.DLL SETUPP.INI DPCDLL.DL_ from the I386 folder on my HP cd (win xp home cd) to the I386 folder on my retail cd (win xp pro sp 2)
  4. HI i have a smal question for you guys: is there a way to force a regular win xp cd to accept my oem cd key? i have talked with microsoft an they wont give me a ansver. and Dell wont give me a new install cd. so now im sitting here on an illegal copy , since i dont have any install cd for my oem key. if it helps here are the details. cd key type : windows xp pro sp 1 norwagian computer : dell latitude D400 the cd i have is. windows xp pro sp2 retail norwagian. i have tryed the fix on this site: http://www.petri.co.il/use_oem_version_to_upgrade_xp.htm but it wont work. so do anyone have a idea of what i can do??
  5. webcam problem after nlite modding

    got a wierd problem after ucing nlite. when i try to uce a webcam i get the infamus bluescreen of death. my setup file is: http://rapidshare.de/files/29256830/Last_S...45.54_.ini.html anyone have a idea of what is causing this