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  1. Btw even if it is preactivated, you still have to enter the serial during setup, to unattend that, use winnt.sif, but then u'd need 100 winnt.sif, hence 100 floppies or other methods. But by the basic way, you'd need 100 floppies.
  2. layout.inf, there might be something in dosnet.inf, you might have to *somehow* hexedit setupldr.bin (don't think so tho) etc Juz don't change it. No extra resources are used for extra even if empty folders. *cue for anyone w/a suggestion*
  3. Wrong forum. There's one spefically for unattended installs. I don't think you can use multiple answer files. There was a trick where you could put winnt.sif onto a floppy but I don't know. But then you'd need 100 floppies.
  4. Yep it will stop the creation of the folder but I would not mod it. But you have to edit other files as well.
  5. You could make a cmd that has REG ADD stuff. start /wait %path%\Applicationsetup.exe /switches /switches REG ADD "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" /v "put wateva u want here" /d "%path%\Applicationsetup2.exe /switches /switches" /f exit The %path% can be a variable or an absolute hardpath. This will only work if you have to manually start the appsetup2 after reboot. If you mean that you have switches to install it silently but after reboot, the next setup installs not-unattendedly, I can't help you.
  6. Basically, you're pretty sure both disc and key are corp? Even the new serial that microsoft gave you? That can't be vlk. Ask them for a retail/oem disc (whatever matches your key) and use the recovery console or format.
  7. Or compile the cmd into an exe with quickbfc and set it as "ghost application".
  8. Oh well, mine is a switchless, his is (I think) a true addon, doesn't matter which one you use.
  9. I'd do it near the beginning, juz make sure any .NET built programs run after installation.
  10. You should run it twice cos update packs add stuff like new languages.
  11. A SVCPACK compatible installer http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/earlybus/addons/TD_VDI_Addon.cab MD5 : 5FEA3D3D5D2BC49055E404BCE0591092 To uninstall, open cmd prompt and type "vdi\unins000.exe" PS Am I a nice person for making this addon
  12. Try inserting your Windows XP disc that you used to install XP into the drive you used to install XP (the very same drive letter).
  13. .NET 2.0 can't be run from svcpack.inf... there was a workaround somewhere.
  14. None of my standalone msi's start the msiserver service and that's why i asked for a workaround. And it's not a project but if anyone wants it the solution will be here. And remember, i can see those parameters everytime just by running the command "msiexec". So I'll use my inefficient batch (maybe I'll compile it to an exe so it's completely hidden). But what about bootstrap required installers?
  15. So basically, you can use the msi w/o installing it? Juz running it from the folder? I know of Uni Extractor but I don't actually use it. Now I can make a batch and put it in the context to extract the msi and open the folder. Thx. Even though it's not a tackle to the actual problem, it's a solution so thx. Any other ideas about starting msiserver?
  16. 100 megs? Maybe... 1 and a half minutes? More? As to the last part, read this on DetachedProgram http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v.../#guiunattended Make a batch that calls 7za.exe and expands the files.
  17. Well you could have been more specific as to when you want it to be executed. And we are trying to help. We could just not answer and not try to help. So you wanted it at like T-between 39 and 13 huh... oh well.
  18. Check for malware. I would NOT EVER recommend disabling DEP.
  19. 1) Don't post your last_session.ini, attach it to the post. No-one reads the forum rules anymore... oh well. 2) Was the USB mouse/keyboard plugged in during setup or did you plug it in after? If after, the new hardware wizard comes up. Or, you removed USB mouse/keyboard drivers and so the vanilla XP can install it but the nlited can't.
  20. There was a hotfix for it. And from build 0, you are using Windows XP SP0. Upgrade to SP2. And Br4tt3, you are mistaken, in ref.chm in the deployment tools, it says it's only for CD installs.
  21. %SystemRoot%\system32\charmap.exe ? To get this, Startmenu>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map This what you meant? At least the right key will come up on the screen Btw, if you set the right keyboard language in windows, it will automatically set the right layout, e.g. £ will be £ again and not '
  22. Is OemPreinstall=Yes in winnt.sif Do you use F6 drivers?
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