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  1. Wrong forum. App Installs. Asked before. Read the unattended guide, about identifying installer types and what switches to use for them. Need I say anymore? /VERYSILENT /SP- or /SILENT /SP-
  2. No, nlite is oblivious to updatepacks, that's why you should updatepack then nlite.
  3. T D

    Computer Problems

    Well how did you know it went bust for 3 days
  4. Someone needs to update the unattended guide... And if you even READ the unattended guide Doveys, it says to make a folder called $OEM$. That's not the page showing how to use OEM but it's showing how it can be used. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/18/
  5. $OEM$ shouldn't matter. I'll look at last_session.ini, I hate those things, they're so long. For the time being, yeh, leave it checked.
  6. But how to integrate the display pic in the installer w/o repackaging, as WLM doesn't support making admin install points...
  7. Windows installer service is set to manual which means it kicks in when needed. But when I open a msi file, it doesn't open, and when i look, the service isn't started. So is there anyway to open a msi file and start msiserver at the same time? I thought of using a batch, something like CMDOW @ /HID start /wait net start msiserver msiexec /i "%1" exit And put it in the context menu of msi's and msp's so it by default, it opens with this batch and not msiexec (at least not until the service is started) but with some msi's that have a bootstrap installer, ie you have to click an exe to open the msi, there's no way of using this batch to start the service and launch the exe. You can't set a exe to open with something. Can you? Any suggestions will be welcome. Edit: i don't want to keep on having to type net start msiserver at the "run" prompt, in case that's what anyone was thinking.
  8. Why? Updates are there for a reason. You could http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=879 but it has all hotfixes. It's just stupid to leave out all hotfixes when you can have 'em all in a 7zip file to integrate. They don't necessarily take up more space. Edit: Last minute thought, try HFSLIP http://www.vorck.com/hfslip-info.html
  9. But a reg file takes seconds to write to the registry if it's under 50kb and that's still a lot of text. But to be safe, use start /wait.
  10. LegitCheckControl is WGA plugin for IE. It doesn't store your license but it checks everytime when something from IE requests it. And M$ aren't too stupid... your licence key isn't cached but encrypted in the registry. Did microsoft say what type the serial was, e.g. retail,oem etc and does it match the type of disc used to install windows?
  11. Virtual PC has different emulated hardware to your actual, real PC that's sitting in your room. I think it uses a S3 trio 32/64 gfx card, half your current hardware cpu and an amount of ram that you can manually adjust. Basically, hardware present in your PC is not in the virtual pc.
  12. Wrong forum. App Installs. This has been asked in there. Check it out
  13. T D

    Computer Problems

    It your graphics card even under an AGP port? A common mistake though. Edit: and WHY ON EARTH did you even use your PC w/o a gfx fan!
  14. Driver integration will *probably* work anyhow, it's the source itself you have to test. So it's not a b**h to test
  15. T D

    battery device

    You won't find it on the net unless you know exactly which file to put back in. It's not for download as it's an integrated part of xp so microsoft weren't expexting that a genius like nuhi would come up and find a safe method to take it out. Unfortunately for you, nlite mods the source so Windows thinks that nothing is missing, a fresh reinstall. Wrong forum. Howz about you use the nlite forum for nlite issues?
  16. @elajua some stuff like WininstallLe use SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE I'd recommend WininstallLe as you can edit msi's after install to make sure anything else wasn't captured. But it's expensive, so I download the setup file and put it in a virtual PC every time I wanna use it. Otherwise use InstallRite http://epsilonsquared.com And WOW, it's a PARADOX that there wasn't a folder named WINDOWS but WIN! That makes a HUGE difference!
  17. You note the difference between $OEM$ and OEM? one has $.$ signs so they must be different Read it again. In your source, make a folder called $OEM$ Besides, the wpa.dbl method is broken from SP1 as XP overwrites the file on every reboot.
  18. Integrated drivers are always used anyway, it's F6 drivers that won't work if the box is checked. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/18/
  19. I had this problem. I borrowed my friend's Win98SE disc, ran fdisk to delete all partitions (lost data ) and then the XP disc booted properly.
  20. It's not ProductID="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" but it's ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" Try that. What type is your install disk, e.g. upgrade, retail, OEM, VLK...
  21. No switches, it doesn't use any well known installer or easy silent installability. Repackage it. http://epsilonsquared.com Use a clean install or a virtual pc.
  22. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/76/ If there's something you still don't understand, ask us.
  23. There are tons of registry cleaners simply called RegCleaner. Can you give a link?
  24. Hey m8! Age isn't everything! Sorry can't help then There's not something specific relating to this on google.
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