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  1. I currently have a Gigabyte Ga-990fxa-ud5 R5 with 32gb of ram installed. The other day I upgraded to a 500gb ssd. Then the problem started. Windows 10 x64 system window started showing 32gb/16gb usable. So I downgraded back to 8.1 x64. downloaded Rammap from Microsoft, and ran it. It showed that I have 16gb driver locked on the motherboard. Before I upgraded all 32gb's were usable. I wasn't running any vm's what so ever. I have researched the problem for over a day, now. And all the searches came up with driver locked memory with vn's installed, which was no help what so ever. I have posted on several other computer forums, and have a support ticket with gigabyte. about the problem. Does anyone know how to unock driver locked ram? if so can you give me a step by step guide to fix the problem? Alucke
  2. I have an Acer laptop that originally had windows 7 home premium x64 on it. I recently installed Windows 7 pro SP1 x64. Ever since I install win 7 pro, the CPU won't below 20% usage. The system Idle Process is at 88%. Maybe the laptop can't run windows 7 pro. any ideas? any help would be appreciated. alucke
  3. I am having the same issues with FFaM
  4. alucke

    Windows 8

    I installed Windows 8 90 day trial, and I am going back to Windows 7. Since Windows 8 has no native dvd support and no media center built in. I will not pay to have those items as an add on.
  5. alucke

    Windows 8

    What are the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8, besides the no start button or menu. And should I go straight to Windows 8 from Windows 7? alucke
  6. I also get an error when trying to integrate SP1 RC1 (Wave1). RT7lite 2.4.0 used with Windows 7 Ultimate. alucke
  7. i use AS5. I have tried every way possible, from a little dot to using it as paint. i even purchased a corsair H50, and that didn't even do a thing. i never overclock my computer, so everything is stock.
  8. I have done that several times, thinking i put to much paste on. It is still idling at 58-60C.
  9. I am have an AMD Phenom 9850x4 black edition processor that started running hot earlier this week. When i first got the CPU it would idle around 37C and 47-50 with a full load. Earlier this week i noticed that the CPU would idle around 47C. Today i noticed that its idling around 58-60C. So I shut the computer down. My house has AC, which is set at 70F. Is this a sign that the CPU is going bad? Any help would be appreciated? alucke
  10. It does not work for me. I select where the installation files are and a windows pops up saying "Please select a valid Windows 7 Operating system" I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Any help would be appreciated alucke
  11. My mother-inlaws computer crashed, I am reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate Retail for her. For some reason, during the expanding files section of the install, it is going really slow. It took almost an 1 1/2 hours for it to reach 89%. Could that be because of a bad harddrive?
  12. I have a DFI LanParty DK 790FX M2RS, AMD Phenom 9850 quadcore CPU, ATI HD 4850 PCIE Graphics card, 4 Gigs of RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate. I am trying to integrate the Windows 7 Chipset drivers found here: AMD/ATI Windows 7 Drivers into the Windows 7 Source DVD, Everytime i run Windows 7 setup in Virtualbox I get a BSOD during the setup process. any help would be appreciated
  13. Anyone know how to integrate ATI/AMD Chipset drivers into Windows 7 Source Disc? Everytime i integrate the drivers, I get a BSOD during Windows 7 install. alucke
  14. alucke


    I have an old CRT Monitor that i am still using. Every so often the screen gets distorted. Does that mean the monitor is going bad?
  15. I tried to integrate IE8.msu with vlite into Vista Ultimate SP1 DVD. I get a configuring updates loop VM. Anyone got any ideas?
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