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  1. Ok, I am not new to nlite/vlite but I am new to Server 2008. I have just purchased a new pc and it included the original Server 2008 upgrade disk that included Standard, Enterprise and Data Center. I only will be using this pc for a personal server and don't need the extras. All I need out of the OS is to connect to Internet. I have both Wifi and USB broadband (USB Remote NDIS Network Device) and I need to be able to connect to both. So, with that said I want to know what services/components do I need. Nothing else. If anyone can help me out it would be really appreciated. Thanks i'm sure the services/components of vista apply here too so please help
  2. so your doing this manually? so why are you using switches? I dont even get that. If your not doing it with nLite than you shouldnt necessarily need switches.
  3. Wow i didnt think this subject would start stuff up. Well in SP1 and SP2 all I did was install my driver and it would connect without the crap utility the card gave me. But in SP2 it would always have a problem obtaining my IP adress. Even when i manually put in all my internet info it still would screw up. I tried the repair option and applied the WinSock XP Fix and it still wouldnt work my card is made for SP2 not SP1. But my card only works with SP1 for some reason. But now I tried something different. I used nLite to integrate SP1a into my Professional SP2 cd. and then for some reason the problem was fixed. Weird? Yes, but im not complaining. Oh, and this problem I have doesnt come up when I use Home Edition, only Professional.
  4. Ok, so I have suceeded in doing this. This is how: -I extracted my Win Pro SP2 iso to a folder -Searched the folder for anything containing SP2 -Removed all that really had to do with SP2 (I almost removed Proxy Server 2 because of its name) -I used nLite and it came up as Windows XP Professional SP1 -I integrated SP1 just incase I removed something I shouldnt have -Tested it on Virtual PC 2007 -I had one error saying I was missing a component but I added it into the iso and now works If anyone has doubts try it yourself. But make sure you remove components with nLite that you KNOW we're not in SP1.
  5. my problem with SP2 is that my wifi connection always times out. no matter what i do i even manually set my IP and all my info and it still times out. I have downloaded all the hotfixes that has to do with this problem and some that just seemed would help but for some reason my internet works flawlessly with just SP1. That is my problem
  6. Can you remove a Service Pack from your wincd. Can you just download SP1 and superceed it or is that not possible. I need SP1 for one of the things im working on. Any help would be very appreciated
  7. I made this addon because I found it on another forum and the link expired. It has all the component intact and has all the shortcuts. I've tested it on Windows XP SP2 and it slipstreamed flawlessly. It requires .NET Framework 1.1 or 2.0 and DirectX 9. Download: MediaPortal Addon
  8. hey if you need any help with anything else i'm pretty much on here all day. so if you have any questions i'll be sure to help you out.

  9. This is my second Addon that i'm uploading. Not the last either. This software is for converting different types of media so its ready for your portable media player. I use it alot for my PSP and my iPod. But you can convert into other files besides MP4. Enjoy. Download: Arcsoft Media Converter 2
  10. Ok, i've made an AIM 6 self-extracting addon from SVCPACK. It includes Regtweaks and all ads have been removed. I have tested it on Home, Pro and Media Center (all SP2) and I have gotten no errors. I made this addon because I prefer it's interface over all other ones. I wasn't sure how to make the topic title but here it is. Sorry it wouldn't work without Viewpoint at first but after installation you can remove it manually AIM 6
  11. try .net 3.0 i think that might do the trick
  12. oh crap this might be a dumb question but which .net framework do you have? i got that error before.
  13. Pro SP2 is good I used that alot. You can integrate all of those packages I believe I cannot personally say i've slipstreamed in Office 2007 but I know it can be done. You shouln't have any problems. I use the tweaked Windows Media Player 11 for the nLite addon page. It slipstreams flawlessly. Good luck
  14. what necessarily is the problem? what happens?
  15. Well like this matters but what version of Windows? Anyways, I integrated all of those addons but the WMPBonus and Office 2007 I use 2003 and I have no problem with it. I use Pro SP2, Home SP1 & SP2, Media Center 2005 SP2 (lame) and I have never came across any problem. Just download the addons here. Use nlite to slipstream them into SVCPACK and hopefully you wont get errors. I only get errors with WMP11 beta when I use both nlite and Windows Unattended CD Creator. But otherwise i've had no troubles at all.

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