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  1. sorry I'm late in this thread, but I've been an ABR user for years now, so I'm just wondering if the first post should be edited out of respect for Brian, the creator of ABR. Also, so that user always get the latest ABR version. ABR homepage says: "Please do not link directly to this file. If you like this utility and want to tell people about it, please link to this web site, and not directly to the exe/zip files." thanks!
  2. any updates on this? thanks in advance to Kels, zorphnog and everyone testing and looking into this...
  3. Have you tried MSFN's Unattended Guide? Try this: Adding Users
  4. glentium

    Windows XP (all)

    @the_guy: please check your links July 2007 onwards, it's kinda messed up...
  5. just tested 6.2 and the reboot.js provided above. the error message is still there...
  6. My bad: When I ran again on two other machines, I get the same error as before. It's running fine on the machine where I made the unattend.mst.
  7. v6.1 solved my aforementioned problems with FrontPage 2003. thanks Kels and zorphnog!
  8. yeah, am also looking forward to a fix for this... Thanks Kels!
  9. I have a long standing problem on this update since it came out... the thread is here.
  10. I thought of that, but I personally prefer a certain sequence of installation. Can you please help me to just turn off that error message since I mostly do straight installs with no reboot in between apps?
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