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  1. I have these two updates in HF directory and KB973687 doesn't overwrite the newer msxml6.dll - KB973686 is slipstreamed after KB973687 because of the name of the first one (msxml6-KB973686-enu-x86.exe). I have msxml6.dll 6.20.2003.0. hi Parseus! partly the reason why i brought this up was because mine in system32 has msxml6.dll 6.20.1103.0 which comes from KB973687 so i'm thinking it could've overwritten what KB973686, specifically what SP3 has. i'm thinking though that hfslip would not allow that to happen since afaik it only takes in the newer ver (either based on time-stamp or ver #) to the
  2. hi LordWarlock! i suppose this is not a priority for this beta rel (but wouldn't hurt if considered ) ... btw, have you come across this: "bitstransfer.format.ps1xml" copy error, during XP installation? Glowy suggested that cheers!
  3. hi Sp0iLedBrAt! didn't work even after slipstreaming drivers posted my issues here & here too (i.e, vid resolution, vid driver + dx)btw, has snakejv addressed his concerns? i wonder what happened & it'd be informative to read about how he resolved it.
  4. This is from Ryan's forum, but links to other forums here not allowed...tried looking for it in his addon pack & might have missed it ... perhaps just the topic itself would do & i'll do the seach ... thanks!edit: appreciate it Pasha_ZZZ!
  5. in Mimo's Windows XP Service Pack 3 update-list ... your thoughts Mim0? thanks!Hi Kiki,I didn't remember why I thought KB973686 was not to integrate. But I think, you're right, KB973686 is worth to be listed. Thx, Mimo hi Mim0! my apologies if i confused you. there was nothing wrong with what you noted in the table as indeed there's no need to include it. i'm only suggesting to add maybe a little note about it being shipped with xp sp3 ... sp3 includes MSXML 6.0 SP2. a little more info from here could help such as: if i may direct you to this, info could be vital too. cheers! btw, what can
  6. hi Pasha_ZZZ! thanks for the additional info though this portion of my post was just a side note. my main concern was validating/confirming i could remove msxml6.msi (which has MSXML6.dll ver 6.20.1102.0) in favor of msxml6-KB973686-enu-x86.exe (which has MSXML6.dll ver 6.20.2003.0) btw, would you care to point me to where you quoted nonno fabio from. appreciate it.
  7. hello! just a little clarification needed with: Update for Windows XP (KB973687) - WindowsXP-KB973687-x86-ENU.exe has MSXML6.dll 6.20.1103.0 while Update for MSXML Core Services 6.0 Service Pack 2 (KB973686) - msxml6-KB973686-enu-x86.exe has MSXML6.dll 6.20.2003.0 ... doesn't KB973687 revert what is in KB973686? also, i think it is worth adding something about KB973686 being included in SP3 to this: in Mimo's Windows XP Service Pack 3 update-list ... your thoughts Mim0? thanks!
  8. hi strel! just a couple of inquiries: i got this in my latest run: [font="Courier New"]NOTE: WIC will be removed from 3.0 SP2 framework. Use another source to install it before 3.0 SP2 framework. See guide. [color="#0000FF"]Environment variable ECHO[/color] NOTE: msxml6.msi will be used instead of any not defin ed even if it has not the lastest files. NOTE: XPS print driver will be removed from 3.0 SP2 framework. Use another source to install it. See guide.[/font]should Environment variable ECHO appear as opposed to prior & succeeding lines which do not have it? if i have Update for MSXM
  9. hi Mim0! just something minor ... KB959772 has already been removed & replaced, right? table 9 shows: could be a little confusing since i compared other removed & added notes you have in other rows. should it now show as Removed instead?how about this: and this one: is easy enough, the few times I've run the tool I've usually forgotten and had to run it again or cut and paste from the command window. It might be nice for there to be a Log - Yes or No line in hfslipfc.ini perhaps. Your thoughts?kindly see too what i posted here about MSXML6.dll. cheers!
  10. looking forward to it when you have the spare time to accommodate it so i can try it out in my new build attempts. my msfn mailbox though is full. external e-mail would be great. appreciate it. cheers!
  11. no biggies! i'll be happy to run tests when i can to make hfslip scripts better. this is just my own little way of contributing. thanks too!
  12. hey Mim0! thanks for the immediate reply ... these were the 2 lines pertaining to the warning: File Not Found FINDSTR: Cannot open WORK\GETLCIDD.TXT was this for WindowsXP-KB944043-v3-x86-ENU.exe? this particular error hasn't come up in recent runs though as for WindowsXP-KB944043-v3-x86-ENU.exe, i knew that was a new addition to the list ... already have it & just waiting for the result of the latest run for posting ... ok, no error posted this time presenting some runs concerning WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe: here are different scenarios i tried: (1) SP= , SOURCE with SP2 integra
  13. thanks Glowy ... exactly what i posted. i'm certain Mim0 would have already adjusted that by this current attachment. that was quick Mim0! appreciate this. i'll run it now & report back. cheers! reporting back Mim0 ... tried 3 quick runs ... with & without SOURCE, leaving default values for both SP= & LANG= while 1 with set value for SP in hfslipfc.ini 1st run (with SOURCE), i got these: [color="#0000FF"][font="Courier New"][b]------------------------------------------ File-Checker (Build 2010/01/07) for HFSLIP See following site for further details: people.freenet.de/MisterMoste
  14. It's done! thanks! hi Mim0! just tried hfslipfc-100106 ... (i beg your pardon for the lengthy post) presenting here some scenarios that might require clarification:(1) running hfslipfc.cmd without SOURCE check for lang used to be ok in earlier vers even without SOURCE (i normally copy new SOURCE to the HFSLIP dir after running hfslipfc) ... with these settings: SP= LANG= i got this: [b][color="#0000FF"][font="Courier New"]------------------------------------------ File-Checker (Build 2010/01/06) for HFSLIP See following site for further details: people.freenet.de/MisterMoster/hfslip.htm -----
  15. this is exciting ... tp just recently posted xp reducers. looking forward ...btw, fdv, i hope you received the e-mail i sent you to the address you gave me. have you by any chance seen it? should there be anything, please let me know. been reading from your site but i'm just not sure if my other concerns (by following the directions i could work on 1 though but perhaps not all) for xp sp3 are there. appreciate the help. cheers!
  16. appreciate the update Mim0! everything is identified accordingly any chance for identifying extracted dx cabs (maybe through wildcards)? cheers!
  17. hello! my apologies for reviving this old thread ... but recently i thought about the possibility to get some plus! 98 themes & screensaver work in xp sp3 ... has there been more definitive success in this? appreciate it.
  18. hi! these are the likely offending files in: WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-ENG.exe Windows Management Framework Core package (Windows PowerShell 2.0 and WinRM 2.0) (KB968930): [font="Courier New"]\HF\968930\bitstransfer.psd1 \HF\968930\importallmodules.psd1 \HF\968930\bitstransfer.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\certificate.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\diagnostics.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\dotnettypes.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\filesystem.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\getevent.types.ps1xml \HF\968930\help.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\powershellcore.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\powershelltrace.format.ps1xml \HF\968930\registry.
  19. hi karmatron! seeing your processdata.txt reveals the following: [font="courier new"]PROCESSDNF20=YES PROCESSDNF3520=YES DNF20VC8RUNTIME= DNF20OFFICE2K3DEBUGGER= DNF30MSXML6= DNF35VC9RUNTIME= DNF35FFCLICKONCEEXT=[/font]you're processing 2.0 2x ... as for the others, you got those since you left the specific .ini settings blank ... i suppose you have other sources/addons for those ... cheers!
  20. you're welcome ... glad to be able to help pointing that out ...
  21. hi Mim0! did a run using the latest hfslipfc-100104 & here are some observations: SP3 id is still prevalent (as in my prev post) despite these: \HF\WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe \HF\WindowsXP-KB951618-v2-x86-ENU.exe , these show: Check for wrong, obsolete and unknown updates: ---------------------------------------------- wrong (S): HF\WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe (Service Pack 3 for Windows XP) unknown: HF\WindowsXP-KB951618-v2-x86-ENU.exe Check missing updates for Windows XP SP3: ----------------------------------------- missing (O): WindowsXP-KB951618-v2-x86-ENU.exe (Fix inco
  22. hi bynkook! pls see my old post ... try taking out WindowsXP-KB968930-x86-KOR.exe ... see if it helps ... link corrected ... thanks for poining it out bphlpt ... i linked it locally to the image posted by bynkook.
  23. hi Mim0! just a few observations after running the latest hfslipfc: despite this HFWindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe, this shows: wrong (S): HFWindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe (Service Pack 3 for Windows XP) tried it with the following settings (in 4 runs), all with the same results: SP= (to have it auto-detected instead) SP=3 SP= LANG=ENU LANG2=EN-US (to have it auto-detected instead & language set) SP=3 LANG=ENU LANG2=EN-US unknown: HFGUIRUNONCE uphclean-setup-x86-2-0-48.msi Check missing updates for Windows XP SP3: ----------------------------------------- missing (O): HFGUIRUNON
  24. hi Tomalak & M2GD! it's strange for it not to work in in HFSVCPACK (posted here 1 of my trials before) ... these were some of my settings though: TARGETOS=XP T13ADDONS=YES ROEADDONS= ALSOINSTALLERS=YES MERGE_FRAMEWORKS=YES having this in mind: ... & i don't use any lang pack ... i'll try to do a run again & see
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