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  1. Has anyone ever come across this. I have experienced this on 2 different setups. 1) ESX 2) Hyper V I install Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 on either a VM or a Hyper V. When I reboot the Exchange server the CPU tops out at 100% for a good 15 minutes before things load up. Does anyone have an explanation as to why the Microsoft Exchange 2013 in a virtual environment takes so long to boot up? I've looked at all kinds of configuration settings and I cannot figure it out for the life of me. What I find weird is these were both migration installations. In both instances when the Legacy Exchange server was online rebooting the Microsoft Exchange 2013 server had no issues at all. It would boot up in a normal fashion. The minute I decommissioned the Legacy servers the 2013 server takes forever to open up. Any ideas? Anyone ever see this?
  2. Hello, I am currently looking for a software that can monitor a users activity. I have heard that such a software exists that you can install on the server and it can verify what the user is doing. Is this true? What I need to know is if the user saves / deletes / modifies / sends out emails / basically everything the user does / log on times. Is there any program that I can install (or purchase) that can do this? Thanks!
  3. Hello guys I am facing an extremely serious issue here. 2 night ago I rebooted my server and it installed updates. Once rebooted the next morning users were saying email wasn't working. So I looked around and found that my OWA was no longer pointing to SBS Web Applications but rather Default Web Site. After tinkering with my IIS I noticed that whatever the updates did broke more than just IIS. I was no longer able to access any of my Exchange features. After many unsuccessful tries to upgrade the Exchange to SP3 my Exchange server is now broken. So I was left with no option but to uninstall the Exchange portion of SBS2008. Exchange is no longer detected on my DC but here is the issue I am facing. When rebooting this VM it takes over 1 hour to reboot (don't ask why I don't know what happened, it just all of a sudden became very slow) When I try to install Exchange with Setup.exe the setup window pops up but does not respond. When I run setup.com /m:install /roles:h,c,m,t /organizationgroup:"first organization group" It starts the setup but returns an error saying that IIS is not available or not installed. When I try to start IIS I get an error telling me that the service stopped correctly but was not able to restart. I cannot go to services.msc because the machine just freezes. I have been looking for something to perhaps uninstall the IIS role and reinstall it via the Powershell but I can't find anything. I tried Remove-WindowsFeature iis it tells me the command is not found. I am in desperate need of some assistance I don't know what to do anymore. Reinstalling the server is not an option I need to be able to get Exchange back up and running on this server, IIS seems to be blocking me. Does anyone have any insight
  4. Unfortunately, this does not work anymore since Windows 7. I haven't seen the Apply to All folders button enabled since Windows 7 unless I'm doing something wrong
  5. Hello I have a question I can't seem to figure out where I have to go to change the default icon view / size for all folders in Windows 8.1 By default everytime I create a new folder it will display everything in the List view. Unfortunately, having the list view prevents me from seeing thumbnails when I have pictures as they have to be in the Medium setting to show the pictures. I can't figure out where I have to go to change the view for all folders. I remember in previous Windows I would go to folder options and then there would be the box that said "apply to all folders" Since Windows 7 though this option is gone, however, in Windows 7 I never had the issue of folders being created in List view. Is there a registry tweak or anything that I can use or somewhere I can go to change this? Thanks!
  6. Figured it out we can close this sorry
  7. Hello I'd like to install something (or enable something) in Windows SBS2011 to log what users are doing on the server. Like what is being installed who is logging in what they are doing. I know that in Server 2012 there is something called user access logging but I can't seem to find something similar in SBS2011? Does anyone know of anything that I can install to view what is going on within the machine? P.S. To be a little clearer, there are a few people who have access to the server and I'd like to know what they are doing when they go on it. Thanks!
  8. So would a simple Robocopy c:\test c:\test /copyall simply copy over whatever is in the directories of the source to the destination without overwriting anything in the destination other than what is in the source? (I don't know if that made sense in writing) source = c:\test\.abc\pdf file destination = c:\test\abc\pdf file (and other non corrupted files) that robocopy command would simply place the c:\test\abc\pdf file in the destination without otherwiriting whatever else is in c:\test\abc correct?
  9. Hello, so I got that batch file running everything seems to be good I verified a few files that were known to be corrupted on the production server from the restore everything is fine. Now my next and final question would be the following: Is robocopy capable of putting the new files back into the right directories by simply overwriting the broken files. What I mean is this: Lets say I have on the production server c:\test\abc <--abc has no corrupted files HOWEVER c:\test has corrupted files Is robocopy able to replace the files in c:\test without erasing c:\test\abc (I'll try to use this is more simple terms) If I have a folder called C:\Test and in c:\test I have a few subdirectories called 1/2/3/4 and so on. And on another partition I have another directory called Test and in that directory I don't have any subdirectories. If I did a COPY of the directory Test with no subdirectories and PASTED it onto the partition with C:\Test\ with the subdirectories it will overwrite that entire folder and erase my subdirectories. Can robocopy know that I just want to replace the files in the destination with the files from the source without erasing everything else in the directory? I'm pretty sure Robocopy can do this I was looking at the switches I would think its either the /XX or /IS switch. But then again I am not 100% sure that's why I'm asking the experts! Thanks a bunch guys.
  10. YzOwl I accidentally skipped over your post. I didn't read it. I will try this right now. ROBOCOPY "C:\Path to my files" "X:\Path to destination" /FFT /L /S /COPY:DATS /DCOPY:T /XO /MAXAGE:20131002 I will post the results of what I get. buyerninety I am led to believe the command is saying the following (however I could be wrong in the interpreatation) Copy all files from source directory to destination directory / exclude files older than 2013-10-02 / copy empty subdirectories / report verbosely I will try Yzowls command now and see what results it gives and I will post my results. I have ran the test. These are the results it yeilded Total Copied Skipped Mismatch FAILED Extras Dirs : 5726 5725 1 0 0 0 Files : 93203 4010 89193 0 0 0 Bytes : 18.132 g 1.337 g 16.794 g 0 0 0 Times : 0:01:01 0:00:00 0:00:00 0:01:01 If I am reading this right there are 5726 directories and it would have had something to do in 5725 directories There are 93203 files and it would have copied 4010 files There is a total of 18.132 GB in these files and the command would have copied 1.337 GB worth of files over. Am I understanding this correctly? Ended : Fri Oct 25 09:52:31 2013
  11. Has anyone ever come across a virus that will change the character set of the file? My server has an issue where I try to open certain .pdf / .xls / .xlsx / .doc /.docx and so on I get a popup window that asks me to import the character set. I have had a colleague mention that he has seen the same issue recently and he realized that it was a virus. What he said was the virus encrypts certain file extensions. I believe that this is a cause of some kind of corruption, however, I have to ask if there is a possibility that there is a virus that exists that will change the character sets of certain file extensions to render them corrupt. If there is such a virus, is there a virus removal tool or method to clean it available. Thanks! P.S. I have ran a few virus scans all of which did not find anything.
  12. Ok I'll try to draw this out BACKUP FILE SET Backup (source good files) is my backup from OCT 2 2013 Past 2 Oct 2013 Present . ---------------------------|----------------------- . Good Files DESTINATION SERVER (IN PRODUCTION) Past 2 Oct 2013 Present . ^ ---------------------------|--------------------------- . | Files with date modified AFTER October 02 2013 are believe to be corrupted. This is not unique to only these files. Files with dates modified BEFORE this date may also be corrupted. We do not know. My current batch file reads the following: Robocopy c:\Path to my files x:\path to destination *.* /MAXAGE:20131002 /XO /E /V It reads that it will overwrite files that have a date modified AFTER October 02 2013 (if I wrote it write which I believe I did) My issue : In running my batch file it did not overwrite many files. Once completed, I verified if some files that were corrupted before the restore were still corrupted and they were. Upon closer inspection of the file it came to my attention that the date modified was November 10 2012 (before the date my batch file has). Naturally, my batch file would not have copied over this file. My question is the following: Is there a way for me to write a file that would verify the integrity of the file (on the destination ((production server)) ). If the file on the destination is corrupted then can the file from my backup set would over write it?
  13. Hello again, so, I tried the batch file here is my command Robocopy c:\Path to my files x:\path to destination *.* /MAXAGE:20131002 /XO /E /V So as far as I can tell if I understand this right the MAXAGE of this file would be Oct 02 2013. I added the /V for verbose I wanted to see what it did it real time. So I ran the batch file but it did not complete as expected. My test was I opened a file from my backup set that was good. This file was dating November 10 2012. After running the batch file I tried to open the same file and it is still corrupted. So I am led to believe that the batch file is not overwriting files that were modified AFTER the date Oct 02 2013. The file on the production server that is still corrupted though still has the last modified date as November 10, 2012. Perhaps I am understanding the batch file incorrectly but does it not say "if the file is older than 20131002 do not touch it. If it is overwrite it" ?? Would there be another way of going about this to overwrite the corrupted files with the good files without doing it one at a time? Thanks!

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