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  1. edited this post because my answer was wrong. Try to find the right solution to your problem...please post you complete winnt.sif Levent Arslan.
  2. you have to reboot ofcourse before you see the effect of entering "RunOnceEx" commands, they just run once after reboot...
  3. sorry SiMoNsAyS, but that's never going to work...system variables just don’t work from winnt.sif. As for removal of the key...i know this key is widespread and i see no reason to delete this from my post...for following reasons 1) This key will never work with SP2 2) People should realize that using that key is illegal 3) We never should give advice or help people with such keys… If a admin want to delete, ok by me I don’t. Amen and to Black-Panther, please go somewhere else with your problems...
  4. Why do you people keep sharing your xp key with the forum... btw, that's a pirate key you got there??I guess you can't phone M$ for support about your problem...lol Who told you that's possible? There is you BIG problem....
  5. Why you wanna share your productkey with this forum? please delete this or change to xxxx [userData] ProductKey=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx FullName="Billy" OrgName="" ComputerName=HOMEBASE
  6. @Kishiro did you tried with regmon and/or filemon from sysinternals? i am pretty sure tyou could monitor what's the process that recreate these files
  7. put this in your winnt.sif [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000813 UserLocale=00000813 InputLocale=0409:00000409 or if you incist going true a regfile... You can achieve all your settings through a registry file with the required settings, and importing it through the cmdlines.txt file (e.g. regedit /s locale.reg). To create the required reg values, from a running Windows session, adjust the location and user locale and keyboard layouts to your liking and turn off Advanced Text Services, then open the regedit.exe and export the following keys: + [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International] to say temp1.reg + [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout] to say temp2.reg thx 2 piro
  8. oh that one is easy... just add a batch with the attrib command at the end. attrib +r +h [[Drive:][Path] FileName] look here for more info about attrib
  9. You should launch a topic in the wihu forum then.
  10. For the first item try to use wihu.exe, it does all that + more As for the second question. Variables aren’t supported in the CMDLINES.TXT... That’s why everyone calls batch file from it... You should use relative calling (instead of hard path) like ".\windows\name.bat."
  11. it would help if you attached the file or insert the code between the code brackets
  12. the title says it all "New SP2 patch KB884020 update the tcpip.sys file " and enuffsaid was the first to post/patch it...
  13. That's not what he asked... No thats true but he is double posting his question....he recieved an answer in that other threat...here...
  14. so why don't you...believe these people and start testing... vitualpc or vmware. Don't ask me whats the best...lots of forum treats about that subject...lol
  15. First....i don't see the point in showing your hotfixes without comment, what there doing, ect...no use for a noob or even for advanced users. I wonder if you know what there all doing these reg-settings. Second, i would recommend such a long list to attach instead of enter it between the code tags. It’s really a long list to read.
  16. visaversa

    WIHU Wishlist

    Thanks for the reply, i was aware of that funtion and i used it but...the tree fields where not blanc, the recieved there info from the ini, and gave it to the os. Question, what would have happend if i blanked these tree fields? Would it left alone these computer settings? VV
  17. visaversa

    WIHU Wishlist

    thx prathapml and Benjamin , i guess you mean these settings to use: [settings] Usecurrent=1 or 0 but this would not help me... I want it on runtime as an option on the userscreen before i have to click next. today i f***t up a server install cause wihu changed the computername i did not noticed/forgat to look at :-( while i clicked next it was to late, it changed my domain controllers name and i hade set wihu to start install and reboot automatic. I canceled but the server started to reboot. I got i strait later, but i lost some valuable time. Oh wel we learn from our mistakes.... there is one other request, maybe an option to copy files from cd to .... I know, i still do it with xplode but then again why not... greets vv
  18. visaversa

    WIHU Wishlist

    I want an option to skip user creation and go right to software install . thank you...

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