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  1. Your poll is not complete unless you add ASUS... Dev the best laptop i ever had.
  2. Best tool ever used, not so expensief at all http://www.drivesnapshot.de/en/
  3. Import disk is your friend Every time you remove or import disks to a computer, you must click the Action menu, click Rescan Disks, and then verify that the disk information is correct. You can move multiple disks from different computers to a computer by installing the disks, opening Disk Management, right-clicking any of the new disks, and then clicking Import Foreign Disks. When importing multiple disks from different computers, always import all of the disks from one computer at a time. For example, if you want to move disks from two computers, import disks from the first computer and then import disks from the second computer.
  4. format c: wil do the thing you want, i hoop you know that you have to boot with dos or win95, 98 boot disk
  5. let me get this strait...you want applications, graphics and other things for a projet you lead, code and design?? What wil your job be exactly? Whats the project is like to be? I hope you solved your problem adding registry settings to a unattended install by then
  6. try with these settings Just leave the serial number out of UserData section of your answer file. vv
  7. If i am not mistaking....you can build a mst file based on your actual installed office. got to look that up...been awile sins i have build/rebuild a mst. But i am sure you can do that Options > Complex scripts > Numeral > Arabic thingy
  8. @qwerty1: what you mean by not created? not as user(administrator)? or this accounts(administrator) settings?i am pretty sure that your administartor account is created as "user(administrator)" in usermanager. and The systemfolders for a account are only created after first logon of that account even if its a administrator account. i suggest to logon once administartor to create the needed directories and settings. Use therefore the autologon in [GuiUnattended] AutoLogonCount = 1 Saddly this can not be done id you use the [GuiUnattended] EncryptedAdminPassword = Yes Comments The default value is No. • If you use this entry to install an encrypted Administrator password during an unattended installation, Th setup disables Autologon @SolidasRock: Show Administrator on the Welcome Screen (Windows XP Professional) When logging into Windows the Administrator account is not normally available on the Welcome screen. This tweak adds it to the Welcome screen and allows you to login like a normal account. System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ SpecialAccounts\UserList] Value Name: Administrator Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value) Value Data: (1 = show Administrator) hope it get's u wiser... also try to use the quote and code tags more often dv
  9. so you give your copy of office and other stuff to friends? mhm...sounds illegal. but to answer your question...try looking at your unattende.mst, recreate it with the good settings instead of using the one from someone else.
  10. Office 2003 don't install at t12, but there seems to be a workaround somehow. Do a search on t12 + office 2003. Infact do a search always before questions made....
  11. sure about this "system files" \\\"system files"\"Microsoft Office 2000 Professional"\Setup\Disc1\SETUP.EXE transforms="\\\system files\Microsoft Office 2000 Professional\Setup\Disc1\unattended.MST" /qb- I don't understand the double quotes there???, remove them...aswel as the others. So if you have spaces in your path open and close with double quotes... start /wait " \\\system files\Microsoft Office 2000 Professional\Setup\Disc1\SETUP.EXE transforms=\\\system files\Microsoft Office 2000 Professional\Setup\Disc1\unattended.MST /qb-" Try this one and let me know... dv
  12. ECHO Microsoft Office 2000 Professional start /wait \\\"system files"\"Microsoft Office 2000 Professional"\Setup\Disc1\SETUP.EXE transforms="\\\system files\Microsoft Office 2000 Professional\Setup\Disc1\unattended.MST" /qb- start /wait \\\"system files"\"Microsoft Office 2000 Professional"\Setup\Disc2\SETUP.EXE transforms="\\\system files\Microsoft Office 2000 Professional\Setup\Disc2\unattended2.MST" /qb-[/ See it?
  13. visaversa

    WIHU Creator

    hello nant15, It's been long time ago that i visited the forum. Nice to see people are still having fun in creating new applictions to make life easier for creating a unattended. I was and still am a first time user of WIHU so i was charmed by your ini file creator. Some remarks (bugs): 1 Dragging and Dropping Installation Entry around, no more manual editing! Not here does not work... 2 Has some pre-defined command line switch for certain installer types (that is in the msfn unattended guides) Does not work either here, not with registry import (tested). It does not save this settings either. 3 Especially for .msi and .reg it will automatically select the switch for you. Non of my imported programs was recognized and recieved a switch. Some suggestion... When saving back to ini is it not possibles not to parse lines that are not used? example, i only need/use description.0=DVD2One 1.5.1 command.0=%WIHU%\REG\DVD2ONE.REG selected.0=1 but the creator parses to the ini: description.0=DVD2One 1.5.1 command.0=%WIHU%\REG\DVD2ONE.REG selected.0=1 hidden.0=1 collapsed.0=0 locked.0=0 disabled.0=0 group.0=0 flags.0= workdir.0= helptext.0= ext_creator_switchtype.0=0 ext_creator_originalcommand.0=%WIHU%\REG\DVD2ONE.REG Anyway, still think its a timesaver... If you need more indepth info...just yell congrats visaV

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