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  1. WIHU Wishlist

    I hope the following change (RED) in listviewex.c could solve the problem. I have used sourcecode ... int ListViewExSetCheckState(HWND hLv, LV_EX_ITEM* Item, LV_EX_STATE State) { LV_EX_ITEM *Parent, *Child; Parent = ListViewExGetParent(hLv, Item); if (Parent && Parent->Flags & LVEXF_GROUP) { Child = Parent->Next; while (Child) { if (Child->Indent <= Parent->Indent) break; if (Child->Indent == Item->Indent) { Child->CheckState = 0; Child = Child->Next; if (Child->Prev != Item){ while (Child && Child->Indent > Item->Indent) { Child->CheckState = 0; Child = Child->Next; } } } else Child = Child->Next; } } Item->CheckState = State; return 1; } ... CU, opensurf
  2. WIHU Wishlist

    The group.x works fine, but if choice one has subcommands (with checkboxes) and i choose option two, the subcommands of option one remains selected. It's possible to deselect the subcommands of option one when i select option two? Example: ... description.1=Adobe Acrobat Reader command.1=* group.1=1 description.1.0=Acrobat Reader 5.1 command.1.0=AcroReader51_DEU_full.exe description.1.1=Acrobat Reader 6.0.2 description.1.1.0=Update auf v6.0.2 description.1.1.1=Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition command.1.1=AdbeRdr60_deu_full.exe -p"/v\"/qn\"" command.1.1.0=Acro-Reader_6.0.2_Update.exe /v/qn command.1.1.1=psa201se_ger.exe /v/qn file.1.1.0=%ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe? hidden.1.1.0=1 ... When i deselect both options, the item "Adobe Acrobat Reader" should always be disabled, if possible. Thx, opensurf
  3. Problem with Settings in WIHU

    @Benjamin The problem still exist, but i possible know the problem: - when i start WIHU with commandline /skipsettings, in the programcode the variable "UseCurrent" is always set to 1 - but when i start WIHU without commandline and skipsetting=1 is activatet in [settings], the userdialog is always skipped, but "UseCurrent" isn't set to 1. Could this the problem? CU
  4. Tooltips + Resizable

    where should i use /verbose=0? Commandline would only accept /verbose. I want only suppress the subcommand of one item and not for all subcommands. EDIT: sorry, i have found /verbose=<level> in the Changelog CU
  5. Problem with Settings in WIHU

    additionally i removed the complete sections [users]. The programs should be installed with the currently logged in user and i didn't want add additional users. Now i get the message "Fehler 87, Installation von "Just open calculator" konnte nicht gestartet werden: Falscher Parameter.C:\WINNT\system32\calc.exe" again. Thx, opensurf
  6. Problem with Settings in WIHU

    Thx for quick response, but now i get the following message: "Fehler 1326, Installation von "Just open calculator" konnte nicht gestartet werden: anmeldung fehlgeschlagen: unbekannter Benutzername oder flasches Kennwort. C:\WINNT\system32\calc.exe. I used your install.ini and activated "skipsettings=1" and called wihu.exe without parmaters and selected only "Just open calculator". CU
  7. Tooltips + Resizable

    anything that do the job is for me ok CU
  8. .ini instructions

    @t-o-m-m-y i don't know exactly what you want, but i use inimod.exe in batchfiles(http://ww2.netnitco.net/users/cruth/claysutl.html) to change values within inifiles. CU, opensurf
  9. WIHU Wishlist

    Wishtread for WIHU - multiple commands per softwareitem Example: ... description.1=Windows Media Player 9 (+ Hotfix Q819639, Q828026, Q837272) command.1=cmd.exe /c Windows\wmp\mpsetupxp.exe Q /R:N command.1a=Windows\wmp\WindowsMedia-Q828026-x86-DEU.exe /passive /o /n /z command.1b=Windows\wmp\WindowsMedia9-KB837272-DEU.exe /passive /o /n /z command.1c= .... - log-entry in [settings] additional environment variables (time and date) which i can use for unique logfilenames: log=c:\wihu\logs\%computername%_%username%_%date%_%time%.log - chekc file against filedate and string check if the file in file.x.y is newer, older or equal a date or if the file contains a string like findstr in DOS - move thread "Changelog" to Important Topcis if it's possible? - store size of windows thx for resizable windows . Initial values of size and position (in install.ini) would be nice or the last size and position is stored in an additional inifile and restored by next call of WIHU - Tooltips per softwareitem - disable softwareitems in depence of OS-type Windows Media Player 9.0 for XP and W2K has different setups (mpsetupxp.exe and setupxp.exe) - Toggle i will make an installation for different office and java versions and only one version should be selectable - Favorites my install.ini has many entries and i would make a section with favorites links to existing programs in other sections. I didn't want du duplicate the entries, because the user could install the program twice. ... [Favorites] description.0=[utilities]description.0 description.1=[Windows]description.1 description.2=[Viewer]description.0 [utilites] description.0=Winzip [Windows] description.0=Media Player description.1=Office description.2=DirectX [Viewer] description.0=Irfanview ... Thx, opensurf
  10. Tooltips + Resizable

    i want do simulate "multiple commands" for one softwareitem ".NET Framework 1.1 (incl. deutsches Sprachpaket)", which installs netfx.msi and langpack.msi, therefore i hide "command.3.0" with "hide.3.0=1". The second command should be excuted, but not shown in the "Software Dialog" and "Installation Dialog". With "description.3.0=Something", Something would be shown in the "Installation Window". At present (workaround) i write cmd-file with these two commands. CU, opensurf
  11. Problem with Settings in WIHU

    Hi Benjamin, i have testet the new settings in [settings] (thanks for skipsettings and resizable probertysheets!). When "skipsettings" in [settings] isn't used anything work's fine, but when i activate "skipsettings=1" in your install.ini, i get an errormessage "Fehler 87, Installation von "Just open calculator" konnte nicht gestartet werden: Falscher Parameter.C:\WINNT\system32\calc.exe". I selected only "Just open calculator" and called wihu.exe without parmaters. Thx
  12. cmd.exe (WIHU started over UNC-Path)

    inside the started cmd.exe (first three lines) i get the following messages: CMD.EXE wurde mit "\\hostname\share\WIHU" als aktuellem Verzeichnis gestartet. UNC-Pfade werden nicht unterstützt. Stattdessen wird das Windows-Verzeichnis als aktuelles Verzeichnis gesetzt.
  13. cmd.exe (WIHU started over UNC-Path)

    %temp% is only an example. Best solution would be a startdirectory for every command or a general startdir for all commands. Only for cmd.exe would a startdir be nice, because of ugly startmessage. Thx
  14. cmd.exe (WIHU started over UNC-Path)

    i have less experience in programing, but isn't it possible to check the Cmd if it start's with cmd.exe and if yes, then replace CurDir with %TEMP%? wihu.c: ... if (LogonWithNewName == 0) { /* Install as current user (i.e. Administrator) */ Result = CreateProcess(NULL, Cmd, NULL, NULL, FALSE, 0, 0, CurDir, &sti, π); } else { Result = CreateProcessWithLogonW(UserName, NULL, UserPassword, LOGON_WITH_PROFILE, NULL, Cmd, 0, NULL, CurDir, &sti, π); } ...
  15. Versioncontrol Movie Maker

    Hi, i inserted a section for Movie Maker 2.0, but the fileversion shouldn't recognice the installed version of Movie Maker? ... ; Sub command 4 description.4=Movie Maker 2.0 (nur Windows XP!) command.4=msiexec.exe /i %WIHU%\Windows\MovieMaker\mm20.msi /qn file.4.0=%ProgramFiles%\Movie Maker\wmm2ae.dll?2.0.3312.0 ... Thx, opensurf