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  1. DaveXP some tests untill now showed this errors: Winnt.sif maker still does not run on XP start /wait SR1.exe -Q -X:SR1 should be start /wait xpsetup\SR1.exe -Q -X:SR1 the line :CONTINUE TITLE Slipstreaming SR1 ECHO Please Place the Update Rollup 1 (KB826939) in the root of the xpsetup folder ECHO before continuing with this script and rename it to SR1.exe. PAUSE ECHO Extracting SR1 Update start /wait SR1.exe -Q -X:SR1 ECHO Extraction Of SR1 Completed ECHO SlipStreaming SR1 KB826939 should be like :CONTINUE TITLE Slipstreaming SR1 ECHO Please Place the Update Rollup 1 (KB826939) in the root of the xpsetup folder ECHO before continuing with this script and rename it to SR1.exe. PAUSE ECHO Extracting SR1 Update start /wait xpsetup\SR1.exe -Q -X:SR1 ECHO Extraction Of SR1 Completed ECHO. ECHO SlipStreaming SR1 Update ECHO Please Wait... start /wait SR1\common\Update.exe -q -S:XPCD ECHO SR1 Update Successfully Slipstreamed Into XP Distribution Folder ECHO SlipStreaming SR1 KB826939 The lines XCOPY "ExtraFiles\DOSNET.INF" "XPCD\i386\" /H /S /Q /Y /E XCOPY "ExtraFiles\SVCPACK.INF" "XPCD\i386\" /H /S /Q /Y /E Should be XCOPY "ExtraFiles \sif\DOSNET.INF" "XPCD\i386\" /H /S /Q /Y /E XCOPY "ExtraFiles \sif\SVCPACK.INF" "XPCD\i386\" /H /S /Q /Y /E I think that after line XCOPY "SR1\common\*.exe" "XPCD\i386\Update" /H /S /Q /Y /E You should add XCOPY "ExtraFiles \sif\DOSNET.INF" "XPCD\i386\" /H /S /Q /Y /E XCOPY "ExtraFiles \sif\SVCPACK.INF" "XPCD\i386\" /H /S /Q /Y /E And RMDIR SR1 Should read RMDIR /S /Q SRI And you could add RMDIR /S /Q SPI to don’t need them neither Add the end just befor burning if %CDROM%==A GOTO :CD_ERR us must add the line ECHO YOUR CD-ROM DRIVE IS %CDROM% i am burning now so i can see if the image is ok or not greetz W
  2. Type1 exist twice in: HFTYPE1 KB823182.EXE KB824105.EXE KB824141.EXE KB825119.EXE KB821557.EXE KB823559.EXE KB824105.EXE KB824146.EXE KB826939.EXE KB828035.EXE Q322011.EXE Q327979.EXE Q810243.EXE Q814995.EXE Q828026.EXE
  3. GreenMachine Could you explain more how you managed to repackage to allow for switchless executions. I have use IExpress to but run into troublewith the dotnet stuff. Maybe a small item (guide) on that would be nice Thx w
  4. DaveXP, The read me was missing from this build, but i guess you are still working on it. Where is de script that adds lines to dosnet.inf? I mean [OptionalSrcDirs] Update [ForceCopyDriverCabFiles accwiz.exe crypt32.dll cryptsvc.dll …ect I miss the SVCPACK.INF in the SIF folder So far so good, I am just reading your script because I am called for an urgent matter @ my employee’s business so I am not able right now to try the script with the real files. Later this evening I will and you can expect to have more reviews. See Ya W
  5. Thanks for sharing again your great work. I myself was thinking doing the same in a later stadium of building unattended installs. So you give me a great head start. What can I say more. :-) THX W
  6. Hi DaveXP, back online again. Just setting things up and running for testing. As i said earlier it would be nice if you include the security rollup. I would also add some options to skip various blocs of the script. Like for example 'skip extraction of xp to disk' if it’s already there or skip deleting at the end. I saw in a earlier post that there is a combined version og wmp9 and mm2. Why not include this? Still think your script is a great timesaver. Did you finally managed to run winntsif maker without errors? W
  7. would be easier of course. But first and before i can test it i need to reinstall my machine. This morn,ig it din't booted anymore. I installed the rollup from MS$ and from that on it wend wrong. Guess the ntoskrn is corrupted. 'can't find os..blabla... Try to log on with PE from bart and replace the ntoskn??? with the old one if i find it. Keep you informed...if i succeed :-) btw someone hade problems like this after the sec rollup?
  8. Just reinstall that WinStyles program, then the uninstaller can find the INSTALL.LOG again.
  9. Just watching things...:-) I just prepared a .htm wit your patches coupled with the links so it be easy to download from your list... online tommorow...sleep need some sleep now
  10. I did not hade problems yet, but i test this tomorrow again. Hade a busy day, so I off to bed I guess pfhhh.
  11. does Q817287.EXE is not a type 2 hotfix?
  12. are you gone leave the script way? I mean are you creating an installer ...in VB?
  13. Do you ever sleep... :-) making progress i supose? Tried the last beta yesterday and found no errors so far.
  14. indeed much better and cleaner code... thx again..
  15. ok, perhaps you should rename de dir winnt in the rar file so it say's winntmaker. I do like this script very much. Thanks for sharing... VV
  16. found one small error in the script, this line start /wait Winntmaker\Setupmanager.exe should be start /wait Winnt\Setupmanager.exe greetz to the board members Great board btw :-)

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