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  1. add this to yyour winnt.sif [Unattended] ProgramFilesDir="d:\Program Files" CommonProgramFilesDir="d:\Program Files\Common" [GuiUnattended] ProfilesDir="d:\Documents and Settings"
  2. IT WORKED Bâshrat the Sneaky IS BACK IN THE GAME
  3. seems to work...but lets wait till all data is back
  4. i think he'l wait until he succeed lol...
  5. pm me als je wilt, ik heb een oplossing
  6. You are very lazy, I use the search engine with your words and after 10 seconds i got your answer. Please use the search option next time before you ask questions. Here is the search string
  7. found the bug... ; Sub command 9 description.9=Power DVD XP command.9=PowerDVD\Setup.exe -s -f1"%SRCDRIVE%\Software\PowerDVD\setup.iss" -f2"%systemdrive%\setup.log" selected.9 = 1 hidden.9=0
  8. i already had found some samples.ini but they have outdated syntax so i don't think they work anymore... all im asking for is for any of you guys to simply post your latest installs.ini since itll make life not only for me but for other people way easier You want me to build your unattende to :-) No kidding, adaptions is not a lengty process. [Outlook Attachment options] command=Attachment_Options\AOsetup.exe /S /v/qn description=Enable saving of attachments default=1 and change it to ; Sub command 0 description.0=Sun Java VM 1.4.2 command.0=SunJava\j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=jrecore IEXPLORER=1" selected.0 = 1 hidden.0=0
  9. Primary Logon User, First Logon User there all beter then Default System User cause that already excist and is confusing indeed. Question: Still have problems with ; Sub command 9 description.9=Power DVD XP command.9=PowerDVD\Setup.exe-s -f1"%SRCDRIVE%\Software\PowerDVD\setup.iss" -f2"%systemdrive%\setup.log" selected.9 = 1 hidden.9=0 Still not installing...
  10. Well it was in fact your tip that i first saw during search so all credit goes to you :-)
  11. one minute search on the forum... one minute of my time to please you... Please do so next time...use the search function and set it later as 30 days... To switch it off open the Run box and type REGSVR32 /U ZIPFLDR.DLL here you go
  12. Are you in a domain, if yes at T-13 there are no network stacks loaded i think, have to look this up. so therefore you could recieve this errors about "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted..."
  13. I noticed the load users button...thanks bemjamin...no more i could ask :-) right now VV
  14. and me to, as you can see are the numbers a bit different then you think. these are the facts: The 50 Most Widely Spoken Languages Rank, Countries2 Population3 This is a listing of the 23 most populous countries in the world (those having a population over fifty million). Data are estimates from mid-2003. Taken From site and site
  15. Indeed, simple words from a simple mind... Nobody thinks like that. As if MS an American company (not an English) btw, would become what they are now if they only would sell to the English community. Don't get me wrong godan, but your view over this matter is a simple one... Greets from a WORLD citizen... VV
  16. Good tip, good work thanks man this saves me 20 minutes per pc. Great...
  17. see above edit...sorry for the post
  18. I still have a problem with command.9=PowerDVD\Setup.exe-s -f1%SRCDRIVE%\PowerDVD\setup.iss" -f2"%systemdrive%\setup.log. does not work any ideas? EDIT: never mind i solved it... command.9=PowerDVD\Setup.exe-s -f1%SRCDRIVE%\software\PowerDVD\setup.iss" -f2"%systemdrive%\setup.log
  19. does not work for me, i used the regfile from your site. add this via cmdlines.txt and reg file. after boot No 2 lines. any ideas?
  20. This is my opinion, too. And mine too. I get the feeling that somebody is playing for moral priest. But hey, we are getting used to that isn’t it? Combining this 5 cd’s into one is NOT illegal, even with a software tool just made to do it. This is not against the forum rules, combining, slipstreaming and patching? Aren't we all doing illegal stuff then? I want these links placed back. These are not links to warez or some other crap. These links where there to help us in creating the perfect unattended dvd.
  21. Ok no prop...can live whit that, there is still the option to make one of the users default user :-) But i would like to exclude the other doh...just as you said
  22. What my use concern...no bugs still running smooth...

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