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  1. I use FTP to do my installations. And too lazy to change it http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=26963&hl=
  2. You should just use the patched uxtheme.dll file. There really isn't any need to install StyleXP
  3. I had the same issue with the custom background until I disabled the wallpaper within the bb style I was using. I'll check the VB & let you know what happens. # My wallpaper keeps changing when I change styles! Why? How do I stop it? Each style can contain a directive entitled rootCommand: . This directive changes your wallpaper to something choosen by the style author (or added/modified by you) to give a more consistent feel to the desktop. BB4Win uses the programs bsetroot.exe and bsetbg.exe to set your desktop. To stop this from happening you have 3 approaches: 1. Comment out the rootCommand: in each stlye. (Add a ! or # at the begining of the line in the style file) 2. Delete bsetroot.exe and bsetbg.exe 3. Move the bsetroot.exe and bsetbg.exe into a differant folder (It only works if it's in the same folder as Blackbox.exe) Source: http://www.bb4win.org/FAQ.html#Il
  4. Nope, sorry. This little cmdline app works for emptying the recycle bin though. http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBO/tip7300/rh7334.htm
  5. I'm using Windows PE 2004, I don't load it as the shell though, I runt it from startnet.cmd after a cmdow @ /hid. If it crashes the cmd windows pops back up. I haven't run any vbs scripts as I haven't had the need to. Send me a PM with something to test & I'd be happy to try it out. path %PATH%;%SYSTEMDRIVE%\tools set RAMDRV=Z: set RAMAPPS=X:\apps set TEMP=z:\temp md %TEMP% for %%i in (%RAMAPPS%\*.rar) do UNRAR x %%i %RAMDRV%\ cmdow @ /HID %RAMDRV%\blackbox\blackbox.exe -nostartup cmdow @ /VIS
  6. edg21

    Remote Desktop

    There is commercial software available to do what you want. http://www.thinsoftinc.com/products_winconserver_info.html
  7. personally I use blackbox http://www.bb4win.org
  8. edg21


    Gdisk32.exe from Norton Ghost should do the trick. http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ghost...00030715304425/
  9. edg21

    BartPE questions

    Perhaps you should search google for how to unzip or unrar files before you try to tackle bartpe. http://www.google.com/search?q=howto+use+w...:en-US:official
  10. WinPE 2004 also includes DRVINST.EXE which you can use to integrate drivers into your build.
  11. I just use shortcut.exe to make my shortcuts during application installs. http://optimumx.com/download/ Shortcut [Version 1.10] Creates, modifies or queries Windows shell links (shortcuts) The syntax of this command is: shortcut /F:filename /A:C|E|Q [/T:target] [/P:parameters] [/W:workingdir] [/R:runstyle] [/I:icon,index] [/H:hotkey] [/D:description] /F:filename : Specifies the .LNK or .URL shortcut file. /A:action : Defines the action to take (C=Create, E=Edit or Q=Query). /T:target : Defines the target path and file name the shortcut points to. /P:parameters : Defines the command-line parameters to pass to the target. /W:working dir : Defines the working directory the target starts with. /R:run style : Defines the window state (1=Normal, 3=Max, 7=Min). /I:icon,index : Defines the icon and optional index (file.exe or file.exe,0). /H:hotkey : Defines the hotkey, a numeric value of the keyboard shortcut. /D:description : Defines the description (or comment) for the shortcut. Notes: - Any argument that contains spaces must be enclosed in "double quotes". - If Query is specified (/A:Q), all arguments except /F: are ignored. - To find the numeric hotkey value, use Explorer to set a hotkey and then /A:Q - To prevent an environment variable from being expanded until the shortcut is launched, use the ^ carat escape character like this: ^%WINDIR^% Examples: /f:"%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\My App.lnk" /a:q /f:"%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Notepad.lnk" /a:c /t:^%WINDIR^%\Notepad.exe /h:846 /f:"%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Notepad.lnk" /a:e /p:C:\Setup.log /r:3 An argument of /? or -? displays this syntax and returns 1. A successful completion will return 0. Copyright 2000-2003 Marty List, www.OptimumX.com
  12. GuiRunOnce is used by newbies? No... it's used by those of us who are lazy & don't care what it looks like. Besides... I like the way a batch file looks.
  13. Perhaps I should have been more descriptive in my previous posts sorry. Network Setup: NIC 1: SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI (SMC1211TX) - NIC 2: D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+ Wireless PCI Adapter - NIC 1 is connected to LinkSys BEFSR41 Wired Router NIC 2 is connected to LinkSys BEFW154 Wireless Router LinkSys BEFSR41 Wired Router is connected to DSL modem. LinkSys BEFW154 Wireless Router is connected to cable modem. Azureus Configuration: Configuration -> Server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - Override IP address sent to tracker - Only use if you realy know why you'd need it! - Bind to local IP address Azureus continues to use my wired adapter instead of my wireless adapter. Under network connections -> tools -> advanced, the wireless adapter has higher priority... still no luck.
  14. Tried that, however azureus & bittornado are unable to bind the the specified IP. Any other suggestions?
  15. How can I force an application to use a spceific network adapter on my computer? 1) Wired NIC 2) Wireless NIC I need to force an application to use the wireless nic.. any suggestions?
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